Definitions for "quality assurance"
Steps taken to make sure that a companys products or services are of sufficiently high quality.
A system of procedures, checks, audits, and corrective actions to ensure that environmental sampling and testing are of the highest achievable quality.
Procedures taken to ensure that a company delivers products that conform to standards.
The internal and external processes by which the quality of academic provision is maintained.
This is the process of checking that programming and other deliverables are 'fit for purpose' and as agreed in the early stages of a project. Public Life's technical partners are expected to undertake a QA process on their programming prior to releasing it to clients.
ARK is committed to the highest standards of acquisition, processing and interpretation. The latest 3D methods necessitate quality to be a foremost consideration at all stages. see ISO back
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In reference to documents, a DTP specialist and a linguist check the document specifications so that all elements match client requirements.
the activity of analyzing process and activities before, during and after designing, developing, engineering, or manufacturing an object; it examines the entire set of lifecycle processes
Abbreviated QA. Umbrella term for all activities associated with the creation and maintenance of a quality system within a company.
The group responsible for verifying that a microelectronics vendor delivers as promised. They are involved in approving a vendor's facilities early in a procurement cycle and then comparing the actual delivered devices with the device contract.
the verification of the conformance of the applicator
A structured review of the project by an external resource, to determine the overall project performance (e.g. against schedule and budget) and conformance (i.e. to the management processes specified for the project).
These process and procedures,management oriented, which if followed would result in a quality product or outcome.
A system of procedures used in the selection of a quality approach in management and labor within an organization and job site.
management tool involving procedures/methods for determining how well a program is running.
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Evidence of clear, minimum standards to work to.