Definitions for "Business process re-engineering"
(BPR) - a methodology that aims to reorganize work in order to increase productivity and/or decrease costs. Also known as BPR, it is often a companion or by-product of knowledge management initiatives. View records related to this term
Fundamental analysis and radical redesign of business processes and management systems to achieve dramatic change or performance improvement. BPR uses objective, quantitative methods and tools to analyze, redesign and transform business processes including their supporting organization structures, information systems, job responsibilities and performance standards.
Restructuring of all company activities to improve the service given to your customers.
A method of revisiting and implementing changes to business processes.
the process of solving an organization's needs and problems by changing the organization's policies and procedures.
The modification of computer applications and related procedures in order to streamline processing.
represents planned changed in the manner of conducting a business funciton, such as information collection and reporting, manufacturing, finance, compliance or administration.
refers to the methods by which a company or service undertakes a thorough review of all its operations.
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