Definitions for "Reengineering"
A term popularized by management consultant Michael Hammer, which refers to radically redesigning processes to improve efficiency and service.
The engine that drives Time-Based Competition. To gain speed, firms must apply the principles of reengineering to rethink and redesign every process and move it closer to the customer.
(1) A method for making rapid, radical changes to a companyâ€(tm)s organization and processes; (2) Taking apart a competitorâ€(tm)s products to see how they are designed and then designing similar products.
rebuilding a software system or component to suit some new purpose; for example to work on a different platform, to switch to another language, to make it more maintainable.
(also known as renovation and reclamation) is the examiniation and alteration of a subject system to reconstitute it in a new form and the subsequent implementation of the new form.
An engineering process to transform an existing system into a new form through a combination of reverse engineering, restructuring, and forward engineering.
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Retail Site Verification Program (rsvp) Run
To adapt the system to a major change in technology, fix the system before it breaks, or make the system easier to fix when or breaks or needs to be adapted.
With regard to corporate management, using information technology principles to address the challenges posed by a global economy and to consolidate management of a rapidly expanding work force.
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Restraining Forces Risk