Definitions for "Adoption"
The act of adopting, or state of being adopted; voluntary acceptance of a child of other parents to be the same as one's own child.
The way to become a parent-child relationship when you are not related by blood.
The creation of a new, permanent legal family for a child or youth. The adoption process involves the termination of the parents' rights and the creation of parental rights in a new caregiver(s). Adoptive families may or may not be related to the child or youth before the adoption. Adoptions must be approved by a judge and finalized in court.
Admission to a more intimate relation; reception; as, the adoption of persons into hospitals or monasteries, or of one society into another.
The choosing and making that to be one's own which originally was not so; acceptance; as, the adoption of opinions.
A motion used to describe final action taken on all amendments and conference committee reports. Each house may adopt or refuse to adopt an amendment or report.
the appropriation (of ideas or words etc) from another source; "the borrowing of ancient motifs was very apparent"
a wonderful gift idea, too
a wonderful way for a group to help the Raptor Center, or makes a unique anniversary, birthday, holiday, or memorial gift for someone special
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a gradual process
a lack of flexibility in business process integration, Business Glance (The Salt Lake Tribune) Technology Qwest gets permission to sell TV service, just in case Qwest Communications International Inc
a lack of flexibility in business process integration, coupled with high
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"A decision to make full use of an innovation as the best course of action." Rogers, Everett M. 1995. Diffusion of Innovations 4th ed., p. 2 1. New York, NY: The Free Press.
A purchase of an innovation by an individual consumer or household.
Making a commitment to an unreached people until there is an indigenous, reproducing church established among them. Aspects may include prayer, research, and networking toward church planting. Sometimes called "people group adoption" or adopt-a-people.
When we accept Jesus as a Personal Savior, we are reinstated in the favor of God as a brother of Jesus Christ and the son of God. Other Christians are our brothers and sisters in the Lord. The church is our mother.
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is what the International Labour Conference does when it endorses, by a 2/3 majority vote, a new international labour standard. About the adoption process
The Committee of Ministers adopts Treaties, by a decision taken by a two-thirds majority of the Representatives casting a vote and a majority of the Representatives entitled to sit on the Committee. When adopted, the text of the treaty is definitive.
when states participating in the negotiation of a treaty agree on its final form and content. This usually occurs before signature.
the final confirmation of a plan as a statutory document by the local planning authority.
The final confirmation of a development plan or Local Development Document status by a local planning authority (LPA).
a four to five year journey that begins, most importantly, with buy-in from the highest levels of management and an understanding of how SOA can support business needs
a most blessed event for a family and believe it or not is also one of the most rewarding tasks that attorneys and judges participate in as a part of
a serious step that families should discuss before jumping into, according to the Lavines
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See Orphan.
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a happy event that still at times can be stressful
a very stressful experience even under the best of circumstances, a good agency can help with the process and help keep the stress levels to a reasonable level
Use or reuse of a digital learning resource in which changes are made, presumably to fit a new context or application.
Adoption deals with the transfer (conversion) between an old system to a target system in an organization. So if a company works with an old software system, it may want to use a new system which is more efficient, has more work capacity etc. So then a new system needs to be adopted, where after it can be used.
Refers to the chosen curriculum of a particular school.
this is when a proposed convention is officially finished and opened for countries to join. Previous Page
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Taking up and practicing or using as one's own.