Definitions for "Business Process"
A set of interacting activities that produce products or services.
A series of business steps by a person or system that are started by a business event. (e.g. ordering process, shipping process, invoicing process).
An event-driven, end-to-end processing path that starts with a customer request and ends with a result for the customer. Business processes often cross departmental and even organizational boundaries.
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a multistep operation
a defined procedure (usually with a manual to support it), but just how accurately does it represent reality, i
a procedure in which instructions are passed among workers
a certain set
a set of logically related business activities that combine to deliver something of value (e
a set of operations that implement a particular business function
a network of requests and promises linked across the company as performers become customers in requesting commitments and actions from other performers
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a kind of composite service
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(see Sub-System).
a term used to describe the interaction between two businesses or two elements in some business
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a contract between two or more parties