Definitions for "BCM"
" means bank cubic metre, which represents one cubic metre of material measured prior to disturbance."
Billion Cubic Microns.
Billion Cubic Metres.
Bromochloromethane or Chlorobromomethane. A molecule containing chlorine, bromine, carbon and hydrogen. It is also known as Halon 1011. For further information about BCM, see the BCM table.
Blizzard Crack Monkeys. A not so affectionate term used mainly when discussing flaws in programming, or a certain game's design.
Business Continuity Management. A management process that helps manage the risks to the smooth running of an organisation or delivery of a service, ensuring that it can operate to the extent required in the event of a disruption.
Business Communications Manager
Business Continuity Management. The framework of controls implemented, and steps undertaken, by an organisation to manage its business continuity risks. The primary objective of these controls is to ensure the uninterrupted availability of its key business resources that support key (or critical) business processes.
Body Contacting Mechanism. The part of the foot grounder that makes electrical contact with the body.
Blood-clotting mechanism effects.
Budget Checking Module. A Cobol program that updates recognized revenue and collected revenue with user-defined budget checking definitions.
Body Control Module (GM)
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Bow to Center Manifold Length - Distance from bow of a ship to center of the manifold piping.
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Back Course Marker