Definitions for "Demand management"
Programs that seek to reduce demand for water through conservation, rate incentives, drought rationing, and other activities.
An approach to reducing the consumption of water by reducing demand for it. Demand management includes educating people about how to save water, promoting the use of household and industrial appliances that use water more economically, such as dual-flush toilets, and putting a price on water that reminds people of its true value.
use of decision and behavior support systems, such as self-care interventions, health promotion and education tools, to encourage patients to use medical services appropriately.
The function of recognizing the managing all of the demands for products to ensure that the master scheduler is aware of them. It encompasses the activities of forecasting, order entry, order promising, branch warehouse requirements, inter-plant orders, and service parts requirements.
Term used to describe all activities involved in recognizing and managing demands for a product and transforming it into useful information for the master scheduler. These activities involve forecasting, requirements management, order entry, etc.
A management technique used to identify and control demand for services.
the Keynesian policy of stimulating an economy in a period of recession, and contracting it if it overheats.
Demand Management is the art or science of controlling economic demand to avoid a recession.
The use of economic, legal, institutional and other policy interventions to influence the demand for water.
A business process with the intention to coordinate and influence all sources of demand for a firm's products.
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Changing the time or mode of travel to have fewer vehicle trips during the peak period.