Definitions for "Gatekeeper"
A primary care physician, utilization review, case management, local agency or managed care entity responsible for determining when and what services a patient can access and receive reimbursement for. An arrangement in which a primary care provider serves as the patient's agent, arranges for and coordinates appropriate medical care and other necessary and appropriate referrals. A PCP is involved in overseeing and coordinating all aspects of a patient's medical care. In order for a patient to receive a specialty care referral or hospital admission, the PCP must preauthorize the visit, unless there is an emergency. The term gatekeeper is also used in health care business to describe anyone (EAP, employer based case manager, UR entity, etc.) that makes the decision of where a patient will receive services. Gatekeeping - The process by which a primary care physician directly provides primary care and coordinates all diagnostic testing and specialty referrals required for a patient's medical care. Referrals and procedures usually are preauthorized by gatekeepers except in cases of emergency care.
In a managed care plan, this is another name for the primary care doctor. This doctor gives you basic medical services and coordinates proper medical care and referrals. Back to the Top
A primary care physician responsible for overseeing and coordinating all aspects of a patient's medical care. In order for a patient to receive specialty care referral or hospital admission, the gatekeeper must preauthorize the visit unless there is an emergency. This person has a dual role as an advocate for patients and a guardian of institutional welfare.
An H.323 entity that provides address translation, access control and bandwidth control.
A component of the ITU H.323 "umbrella" of standards defining real-time multimedia communications and conferencing for packet-based networks. The gatekeeper is the central control entity that performs management functions in a Voice and Fax over IP network and for multimedia applications such as video conferencing. Gatekeepers provide intelligence for the network, including address resolution, authorization, and authentication services, the logging of call detail records, and communications with network management systems. Gatekeepers also monitor the network for engineering purposes as well as for real-time network management and load balancing, control bandwidth, and provide interfaces to existing legacy systems.
Gatekeepers control that the gates are passed correctly.
Australian Government strategy that ensures integrity, security & authenticity in transmission of information and the transaction of business
Gatekeeper is the Commonwealth strategy for the use of public key infrastructure to secure electronic transactions with government, see
is a Commonwealth strategy that ensures integrity, security & authenticity in transmission of information and the transaction of business.
the Keeper of the Gate of Death in the UnderWorld and mother of Zeherah. Her task is to keep tally of the souls who pass through the Gate. She is one of the Lesser immortals.
a being who is interdimensional and allows energy, spirit, and soul to transcend through their vibration and back to Source
a very useful, but optional, component of a VoIP network
The Avaya Definity or MultiVantage used for Voice over IP (VoIP).
a brown colored European butterfly in the sub-family Satyridae of the family Nymphalidae
a person who coordinates the development of subject matter in a discrete sub-domain of information that constitutes the overall EcoPort knowledge space
a therapist who participates in the workshop, observing the process and helping to maintain safety, ready to intervene if necessary
Volunteer citizen greeting and helping in AWGate and JunoDome
An advisor who assists institutional investors in both private equity and hedge fund decisions.
A professional advisor or intermediary operating in the private equity market on behalf of clients, such as institutional investors.
the individual in an organization or the family member who controls the flow of information to the people who are part of the decision-making unit or are affected by its actions; monitors and evaluates information such as the potential value of a product or service in a way that determines what does and what does not get through to the decision makers and users. Also called a screener.
A person who stands on the perimeter of the Council circle, advising late arrivals as to what has been discussed and what is currently being discussed, what consensus decisions have already been made, etc.
A timekeeper; in team meetings, a designated individual who helps in monitoring the team's use of allocated time.
someone who guards an entrance
a person who guards or monitors passage through a gate
individuals, units, or even objects that act as accepted, authoritative information channels employed in the information seeking process. Gatekeepers frequently also contribute to bridging terminological cultures and value systems. One example of this is using the telephone yellow pages (the gatekeeper) as a source of mechanics to work on a broken appliance. View records related to this term
A derisive term for an ISP required by a cable modem provider. So called because they can unilaterally determine which information services are available.
A small EMC Symmetrix device configured to function as a lock during certain state change operations.
An ethereal being serving as presider during communicative contact between a sensitive and etheric discarnates.
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WSH tool to mash-up command-line tools for software development
Someone you must work with before you can reach a target audience (e.g., a schoolteacher) or accomplish a task (e.g., a television public service director).
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a root-level process which handles all globus job requests at a remote site
a logical component of H
a logical concept, not a physical concept
Someone who is usually part of a user group, who scans and assesses information and shares it with other members of the group.
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an optional entity
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A user who must sign off on a given part of a phase.
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a computer on your network that helps you find and connect with other people and computers
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an optional component
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a hard- and or software based H
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an optional H
a software component that allows you to register each of your H
a Web application that maintains the security-related information such as users