Definitions for "MCO"
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Managed Care Organization; any insurance or organization that restricts use of health care resources by a patient, i.e., a patient cannot use unlimited discretion in obtaining care. This includes HMOs and PPOs.
managed care organization. An entity that combines the financing and delivery of health care into one organization, such as a Health Maintenance Organization or Preferred Provider Organization.
A general term used to describe health care organizations that manage the quality, utilization, and cost of health care delivery.  This term is usually applied to HMO, PPO, POS, and PSO entities.
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Mazda China Operations
Maintenance Control Office
Maintenance change order - Shipping a replacement dialer to the customer. Modem - Device used for signal transformation between terminal devices and lines.
This consortium of the 15 Massachusetts public community colleges and the nine state colleges will provide the mechanism for students to share the online course resources of the state system. Check it out for more information.
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Modern Chess Openings
Multiple Channel Option. A discount on parallel non-contiguous DS-0s between M24 multiplexers. (7/96)
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Mandatory Cash Out. Applies to plans that have a provision in their document that forces the distribution of a terminated participant. This can happen without the participant's consent, but is only allowed if the benefit is less than $5,000. Unless the participant elects otherwise, amounts greater than $1,000 must automatically be rolled over into an IRA. Distributions of $1,000 or less can still be distributed directly to the participant.
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movement control officer