Definitions for "Independent Practice Association"
Keywords:  ipa, hmo, physician, healthcare, solo
Also known as Participating Medical Group, Primary Medical Group IPA PMG A partnership, association, corporation, or other legal entity which delivers or arranges for the delivery of health services and which has entered into a written services arrangement with health professionals, the majority of whom are licensed to practice medicine.
Under this structure, physicians practicing in their own offices participate in a prepaid, capitated healthcare plan. The physicians charge agreed upon rates to enrolled patients and bill the IPA on a fee-for-service basis.
A physician organization which typically contracts with an HMO to provide services to the HMO's enrollees. The HMO usually makes capitated payments to the IPA; however, the IPA may reimburse its physicians on a fee-for-service basis. Physicians are in solo practice and can contract with other HMOs and see other fee-for-service patients.