Definitions for "Individual practice association"
A partnership, corporation or other legal entity which contracts with an HMO, union or other provider to provide care to an enrolled group for a fixed monthly amount. In the IPA, the provider can work from his office instead of an HMO center or clinic. Fee-for-service patients can be treated alongside those in the IPA plan. Patients in the IPA plan must use a participating provider. The provider must follow IPA practices, accept reimbursement as full payment and comply with IPA peer review 'and quality assurance procedures. Typically, the IPA pays the provider a percentage of his fee, with the remaining percentage held in a reserve pool that may be divided at year's end by the provider if any funds remain.
also IPA. A type of health maintenance organization in which an association, made up of individual practice physicians, contracts to provide services to the HMO enrollees. The HMO pays the IPA on a capitated basis to provide a defined package of services to its members.
a legal entity organized and operated on behalf of individual participating dentists for the primary purpose of collectively entering into contracts to provide dental services to enrolled populations. Dentists may practice in their own offices and may provide care to patients not covered by the contract as well as IPA patients.