Definitions for "netWORK"
Strength in numbers. Existing products we're involved in include port to Linux of Tony Forbes' MFAC for brute-force factorization of MM61 for relatively small factors, and further development and improvement of Tim Charron's ECMnet distributed computing f
A system of computers linked together by communications channels allowing the exchange of data between the linked computers.
A group of transmitting stations connected by communications channels that permit the same program to be broadcast simultaneously from multiple stations over a very wide area; as, the CBS television network;
Groups of physicians, hospitals and other health care professionals working with a health plan to provide care at negotiated rates.
An extended group of people with similar interests or concerns who interact and remain in informal contact for mutual assistance or support.
The system of participating providers and institutions in a managed care plan.
Television or radio stations linked together for transmitting identical programs simultaneously. Refers also to the facility by which programs may be retransmitted by other TV regions, and thus similar to syndicated press features.
A set consisting of: (a) stations for which geometric relationships have been determined and which are so related that removal of one station from the set will affect the relationships (distances, directions, coordinates, etc.) between the other stations; and (b) lines connecting the stations to show this interdependence.
A collection of radio or television stations that offer programs, usually simultaneously, throughout the country, during designated program times.
nbspA provider or facility that has entered into a contractual agreement to provide covered services under the Certificate of Coverage.
a collective expression for all dentists who have contractually agreed to provide treatment according to administrative guidelines for a certain program.
Dentists who have contractually agreed to provide treatment according to administrative guidelines for a certain program. Sometimes known as a "panel."
See Chromospheric Network.
System of small and mottled areas of enhanced brightness in the solar chromosphere. Their size varies from 5 to 20 arc-seconds. These features evolve from the plage areas and, like the plage, their number and intensity varies with the solar cycle. Also referred to as enhanced network, active network, and bright network.
The network infrastructure provided between the customer's server and the internet exchange.
The infrastructure over which mobile services can operate.
The union of all the major noncommercial, academic, and hacker-oriented networks, such as Internet, the old ARPANET, NSFnet, BITNET, and the virtual UUCP and USENET `networks', plus the corporate in-house networks and commercial time-sharing services (such as CompuServe) that gateway to them. A site is generally considered `on the network' if it can be reached through some combination of Internet-style (@-sign) and UUCP (bang-path) addresses.
An aggregator or broker of advertising inventory from many sites–Real Media, Double Click, Flycast, and 24/7 are Ad Networks.
an aggregator o broker of advertising inventory from many sites, for example, 24/7 Media.
An aggregator or broker of advertising inventory from many sites - 24/7 Europe is an Ad Network.
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s Netzwerk
A set transportation system (air or ground) in which we move our freight from the point of pickup to destination.
1) In planning, a computerized representation of roadways and intersections that describes a transportation system. 2) In highway engineering, the configuration of highways that constitutes the total system. 3) In transit operations, a system of transit lines or routes, usually designed for coordinated operation.
A graphic and/or mathematical representation of multimodal paths in a transportation system.
The ARC/INFO software product that performs address matching/geocoding, allocation, routing, and pathfinding across linear networks.
Route network of an airline
Français : Réseau (de bus) Deutsch : Netz, Liniennetz The total collection of physical ROUTEs, operated by an Operator or under control of a Transport authority. See also : Network improvement, Network map, NETWORK VERSION
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A database of affiliates, can also mean to socialise with like-minded people in the affiliate industry in a business capacity.
central point to get affiliate links or advertise your affiliate program
Group of 10–20 non-competing Affiliate companies that meet twice a year to discuss issues of interest and concern, such as successful practices, challenges, and needs. Networks send representatives to serve on each of A-D's committees.
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As used in the machine registration system, one of the non-building-specific networks such as Wireless Andrew, or one of the DSL options.
In this usage, a network is a collection of Access Points and their associated users, equivalent to an ESS. Information about this "network" is maintained in a Linksys Wireless Guard/McAfee Wireless Security server-side database. See ESS.
See network diagram.
a pictorial presentation of project data in which the project logic is the main determinant of the placements of the activities in the drawing. Frequently called a flowchart, PERT chart, logic drawing, or logic diagram.
(r) a three-dimensional structure formed by interchain or intrachain bonding of polymer molecules in combination with chain entanglements.
Any system of lines or channels interlacing or crossing like the fabric of a net; as, a network of veins; a network of railroads.
topological GIS data structure that uses a series of lines to describe, for example a transport or river network.
Scoop'n up a big fish before it breaks the line.
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more details: NetLingo TM
In Graph theory, a network is a digraph with weighted edges. These networks have become an especially useful concept in analysing the interaction between biology and mathematics. Using networks of all types; various applications based on the creativity of the mathematician along with their environment can be evaluated in all sorts of manners.
The collection of channels/services that a programme provider/operator offer. These services may be transmitted from one or several MUXes. In the transmitted data stream the operator may transmit a service information table(network information) that is informing the digital terrestrial receiver about all available services in the network.
A collection of MPEG-2 Transport Stream multiplexes transmitted on a single delivery systems, e.g. all digital channels on a specific cable system.
the common channels established with important people in a variety of related fields to provide information and contacts which can be used to help the entrepreneur become successful.
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Rich Dad said: "The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work." The greatest idea or product will only be successful if you have a network of people to tell about it and a network of distribution through which to sell it.
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Different BBSs exchanging messages to increase the activity and diversity of the message base. The echo mail net-work allows a user to leave a message on one BBS which can be read on BBS at a different location. On some of the large networks a message can be read literally around the world.
A cooperative of institutions conducting clinical trials under a common research agenda. A Network is comprised of the CORE Operations Center, SDMC, Network Laboratory and the Clinical Trial Units.
To take steps to make and cultivate the acquaintance of people who can be helpful to oneself, especially in finding new employment, advancing to a higher position in one's occupation, or exchanging information.
A carefully crafted web of people that has you in the center. Made of invisible threads that extend from you to all the people you know, to the people they know, and soon, your network is a conduit for information and favors.
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NITZ Number Pooling
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See unrooted tree.
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The general concept of telematic networks.
A diagrammatic illustration of complex problems involving inter-related activities. Can be used to depict the principal technical elements of any R & D project, and their technical and scheduling relationships.
The integration of chiropractic techniques, which utilized light touch or taps to relieve spinal tension to clear the body of nervous interference. Major differences in approach is the sequence or timing of adjustments which are determined by objective changes in body parameters, such as leg length, etc. Network Chiropractic releases spinal imprints or facilitation caused by physical, emotional or chemical stress, and promotes overall wellness.
An informal, decentralized organization created by like-minded individuals who are interested in address-ing specific problems and offering possible solutions. All of this takes place outside of conventional institutions.
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An extended LAN (local area network) that does not go beyond routers.
Messages related to the LAN.
The grid, a local network or an embedded network.
When used in a BARB context, Network is usually equivalent to all areas of the UK (i.e. a Network programme is one shown in all areas of the UK).
Coverage area served by a wireless carrier.
the organization established to conduct grassroots activities
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A fabric of threads, cords, or wires crossing each other at certain intervals, and knotted or secured at the crossings, thus leaving spaces or meshes between them.
The combination of fiber optics, wire and electronics necessary to carry data between two or more points.
In telephony, short for the telephone switching network.
A company used to authorize and capture payment card transactions. U.S. Bank uses Vital as their processing network.
a figure consisting of edges and vertices; sometimes called a graph
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In the context of human relationships and this book, a network is the set of relationships that you need to get tasks done, to advance in an organization, and to grow as a person.
A combination of electrical components. In a parallel circuit it is composed of two or more branches.
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Post Office branches throughout the UK.
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see Segment
Companies that provide electronic credit card authorization responses for merchants.
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A set of vertices and edges
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net .net.[country code
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Network application such as a web browser
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