Definitions for "Laboratory"
Any place, activity or situation suggestive of a scientific laboratory{1}, especially in being conducive to learning new facts by experimentation or by systematic observation; as, the states serve as laboratories where different new policies may be tested prior to adoption throughout the country.
A room used primarily by regularly scheduled classes that require special-purpose equipment for student participation, experimentation, observation, or practice in a field of study.
Charges for blood tests and tests on body tissue samples, such as biopsies.
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means a worksite at a single geographic location where laboratory use of select agents occurs under the direct supervision of a single principal investigator/researcher.
eport - Expresses the result of the investigative process through an established procedure and may include such parts as title, hypothesis, materials, procedure, data, analysis, conclusion, and application.
The workroom of a chemist; also, a place devoted to experiments in any branch of natural science; as, a chemical, physical, or biological laboratory. Hence, by extension, a place where something is prepared, or some operation is performed; as, the liver is the laboratory of the bile.
a hands-on experience for the students where I just simply am a guide and around to answer questions
an educational activity in which students conduct experiments, perfect skills, or practice procedures under the direction of a faculty member
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a GPL licensed Eiffel compiler
an integral part of the course
a required element of the course for these
Regularly scheduled meeting times in addition to your lecture times for many courses in the timetable. Lab times (for courses which have labs) are published in the timetable and when you register for a course you are required to sign up for a lab time.
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Labor_army Labor_camp
A type of class during which students perform practical work in groups or in a laboratory, and put into practice the material covered during the lectures.
In Computer Science, a laboratory (lab) is normally a scheduled two-hour block of time for a student to work on problems or assignments in an assigned computer lab. Students may work in the computer labs at other times when space is available.
Body that calibrates or performs calibrations and verifications.
a structure based on both bilateral funding and administration
A teaching session of a practical nature.
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semi-finished goods
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a great thing
a critical part of many organisations covering many different industries
a business complete with budgets, purchase orders, and human resource issues