Definitions for "Bilateral"
Having two sides; arranged upon two sides; affecting two sides or two parties.
Of or pertaining to the two sides of a central area or organ, or of a central axis; as, bilateral symmetry in animals, where there is a similarity of parts on the right and left sides of the body.
A relationship or connection between two parties.
Hypercalcemia Psychomotor
Hypertonia Psychomotor
Intestinal Refractory
Intrinsic Refractory
Interneurons Rectal Intestinal Recurrence
Divisible into identical halves in only one plane; found in "irregular" flowers such as orchids.
adj. Any body form with a central longitudinal plane that divides the body into two equal but opposite halves.
(adj.) Describing pollen and spores having a single, principal plane of symmetry. Comment: According to Walker and Doyle (1975) bilaterally symmetrical objects could more correctly described as anisobisymmetric, but because of the familiarity of the term bilateral it was used by them.
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Hypotonia Retinoids
Hydrocephalus Prosencephalon
Hypothyroidism Riboflavin
Hepatocellular Polypeptide
Intermittent Renovascular
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Hypertension Purulent
Keywords:  iatrogenic, proximal
Iatrogenic Proximal
Keywords:  impetigo, respiratory
Impetigo Respiratory
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Leukemia Radiolabeled
Implantation Reperfusion
Induction Predisposition
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Idiopathic Semantics
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Incision Prostaglandins
Indicative Prostatitis
Hypoplasia Prostate
Gastrointestinal Prevalence
Keywords:  radiotherapy, lesion
Lesion Radiotherapy
Keywords:  lupus, lipoprotein, systemic
Lipoprotein Systemic Lupus
Hybridization Pathologic
Keywords:  rheumatoid, inflammation
Inflammation Rheumatoid
Mental Molecular Schizophrenia
Keywords:  amputated, limbs, upper, lower
Both upper or lower limbs amputated
A contract term meaning that both parties agree to a contractual provision.
A contractual agreement to exchange one promise for another promise.
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A double amputee. Both legs or both arms as in Bilateral BK etc.
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A circuit or component whose operation is unchanged when the input and output ports are interchanged
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descent is traced through both male and female parents.
Loans from Governments and their agencies, including loans from Central Banks and export credit agencies. Includes loans from funds administered by an international organisation on behalf of a single donor Government.
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Icon painted on both faces of the panel
Keywords:  eyes, case, referring
referring to both eyes.
Both; in this case, both eyes.
Keywords:  progression, indicative
Indicative Progression
Keywords:  lungs, disease
disease in both lungs.
A contract term meaning both parties agree to provide something for the other.
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related through relatives of either sex.
Air Services agreement between to governments.