Definitions for "INPUT"
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In electronic records, data to be entered into a computer for processing. See also INFORMATION SYSTEM, OUTPUT.
The process of entering data into a computer.
The place that the audio signal goes into a piece of equipment. Examples are where the microphone signal or tape machine signal goes into the mixer.
The resources used in a program.
Power, energy, resources, data, etc, put into a system for conversion of some kind, usually for purpose s of retrieving or producing some form of modified output or result. [D02860] RMW
(a) A resource used in the production of an output. (b) Something which goes into a system.
This is the voltage and frequency applied to the primary of a unit. For example, 120Volts 60Hz, 240Volts 50Hz, and so on.
The voltage source coming into the transformer through the primary winding.
The sine-wave input voltage normally specified in volts RMS. The minimum and maximum voltage and frequency limits must be specified. An input waveform that is not sinusoidal, such as a square wave or distorted wave shape from a UPS, can affect power supply operation and must be defined. Consult the factory for information on derating of standard catalog power supplies for voltage, frequency, and wave shape variations beyond those specified in the catalog.
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refers to screens, procedures, and forms used to collect information or provide direction.
all information about a situation. We get this from senses.
any stimulating information or event; acts to arouse action
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n. Girlfriend, female companion.
Whatever a system takes from its environment in order to fulfill its purpose.
A physical connection to the system. An input can be provided by a sensor, pinswitch or to existing systems in the vehicle, such as ignition or courtesy lights.
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Defines an input field 3.0 3.0 STF
text as it is displayed on the CRT, with SCRIPT commands, imbedded throughout.
An input is a path through which audio passes from one electronic device into another. Types of inputs vary in connector type, level, use(sends, monitor, mix), and electrical characteristics (impedance, balanced or unbalanced). They can be analogue or digital.
a factor used in the production of medical care, such as professional labor, office space, and so on
Items used in the production of an agricultural product such as seed, fertilizer, chemicals, feed, machinery, fuel, labor and land.
Work arriving at a work center or production facility.
The quantity to be measured (or modulated, or detected, or operated upon) which is received by an instrument. For a thermometer, temperature is the input quantity.
See input factor. Depending on context, may refer to a generic type of input factor such as labour or may refer to the quantity of a particular input factor.
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a parse tree
the frequency of the repeater's receiver
The frequency the repeater receiver is tuned to: The frequency that a repeater user transmits on.
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Device - That portion of a bar code reading system that employs electro-optical techniques to determine the localized reflectivity of a symbol.
A variable (whether stored within a component or outside it) that is read by the component.
Used to read in LaTex files
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A set of values, called "pattern", that is passed to a neural net's input neuron layer. The elements of those patterns are usually binary values.
A deliverable from outside a project upon which project work depends.
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Yes v3 up IE3+ form control
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The amount of fuel used by a water heater in a given period of time, usually 1 hr.
The samples of oral and written language a learner is exposed to while learning or using a particular L2. [5
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Count input
a pairing of a name and (optionally) some content (plain text) that correspond to the attribute-value pairs typically used in HTML FORM / HTTP CGI interactions
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Input field, button, etc.
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See Effort.
Anything that is put into a system. Sources of input include people, materials, and energy.
Index Definition: Input (Forms) Description: Defines controls used in forms.
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The Input Element
Any of the items, including materials, equipment, and funds, required for production.
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see OPEN
Same as I/P.