Definitions for "PIM"
Software that organizes and manages random information for fast retrieval on a daily basis. It provides a combination of features, such as a telephone list with automatic dialing, calendar and scheduler.
ersonal nformation anagement. KDE-PIM is a set of applications that assist you to organize your e-mails, appointments, addresses and other personal information.
A type of software that is used to organize information, especially, addresses, to-do lists and appointments.
Protocol Independant Multicast
Sends Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) notifications.
An IP multicast routing protocol used for routing multicast data packets to multicast groups. PIM is unicast routing protocol-independent and can operate in different modes such as sparse mode and dense mode.
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Processor Internal Memory. Machine state is saved here for HPMC, LPMC, and TOC's. See PDC_PIM in "PDC Procedures" chapter of PA I/O ACD.
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Wirth's book "Programming in Modula-2". Prior to the publication of a formal language standard, this was the de-facto standard used by most compiler developers. Several editions of the book have appeared; most of the older compilers comply with the PIM-3 version, i.e. the 3rd edition. (There is also a PIM-4, but it's generally felt to be inferior to PIM-3.)
Print Image Matching is a revolutionary technology, PRINT Image Matching (PIM) automatically optimizes print quality by calibrating an enabled printer to the ideal settings of an enabled camera. During recording, images are tagged with optimum custom setting for over twenty different image-matching parameters for that image type. The results are richer colour saturation.
(Print Image Matching) A photo printing technology developed by Epson creating a perfect match between digital camera and printer.
Platform Innovatieve Marketing
Programmable INFOSEC Module
PULSE INTERVAL MODULATION. The ability of a transmitter to vary its pulse rate, usually in conjunction with animal behaviour.
Total penalties in minutes
Abbreviation for Particulate Inorganic Matter.
An abbreviation for "penalties in minutes" (penalty minutes accumulated).
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Program in Manufacturing