Definitions for "IGP"
Interior Gateway Protocol. A generic name used for protocols that are used to exchange routing information between routers within an autonomous system. Also see routing protocol.
Interior Gateway Protocol (protocole de routage IGP)
Interior Gateway Protocol, used to exchange routing information between collaborating routers on the Internet. Examples: Routing Information Protocol (OSI) and Open Shortcutest Path First (OSPF).
Integrated Graphics Processor. Part of the NVIDIA nForce and nForce2 platform processing architectures, the IGP replaces the “Northbridge” of traditional motherboard architectures. The IGP features GeForce(TM) MX-powered graphics with innovative system and memory enhancements including DASP to help boost CPU performance, and HyperTransport(TM) technology—a high-performance I/O bus interface.
Stands for "Integrated Graphics Processor." An IGP is a graphics chip that is ...
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See individual graduation plan.
individual graduation plan. An academic program of study with a career focus, developed by the student, parents, and educators that demonstrates achievement of the six learning goals and 57 academic expectations; required for high school graduation in Kentucky beginning with the class of 2002.
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Inspector General of Police
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IGS predicted (orbit)