Definitions for "Tunnel "
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A technology that enables one network to send its data via another network's connections. Tunneling works by encapsulating a network protocol within packets carried by the second network. For example, Microsoft's PPTP technology enables organizations to use the Internet to transmit data across a VPN. It does this by embedding its own network protocol within the TCP/IP packets carried by the Internet.
The path that is followed by a datagram while it is encapsulated.
A virtual pipe that connects two nodes (i.e. client computer and server) over a public network like the Internet. A tunnel is created by encapsulation and encryption of packets. Thereby, tunnel provides secure and private link across a public network. Physically, packets in a tunnel may take different routes in their travel to a destination node. Also see VPN.
A vessel with a broad mouth at one end, and a pipe or tube at the other, for conveying liquor, fluids, etc., into casks, bottles, or other vessels; a funnel.
The opening of a chimney for the passage of smoke; a flue; a funnel.
An artificial passage or archway for conducting canals, roads, or railroads under elevated ground, for the formation of roads under rivers or canals, and the construction of sewers, drains, and the like.
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A tunnel often built through a hillside to maintain the long level at a canal summit and reduce the need for lockage. There were three in Ohio. Two on the Sandy & Beaver Canal and one on the Cincinnati & Whitewater.
Test tunnels are dug so that a 9" by 9" wooden liner can sit flush with the surface of the ground. The liner covers the sides and top while the floor of the tunnel is bare earth, scented with rat.
Generally on a canal dug through the summit of a pass in order to prevent excessive climbing. Souterrain in French.
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A virtual pipe between the L2TP access concentrator (LAC) and L2TP network server (LNS) that can carry multiple PPP sessions.
A tunnel is defined by an LNS-LAC pair. The tunnel carries PPP datagrams between the LAC and the LNS; many sessions can be multiplexed over a single tunnel. A control connection operating in band over the same tunnel controls the establishment, release, and maintenance of sessions and of the tunnel itself.
a hole in the ground made by an animal for shelter
Tunnel was the name of a large New York City nightclub with multiple rooms on several levels. It received its name from the fact that the main dancefloor was a renovated train tunnel from the early 1900s.
Tunnel (Russian: Тоннель) is a legendary nightclub in St. Petersburg, Russia, generally acknowledged to be the first techno club in the country when it opened in 1993. Located in a disused bomb shelter on Zverinskaya st, the club was shut down for an extended period of time but reopened in 2002 and is, as of December 2004, operating again in its original location.
1) the space or channel between the bottom of the hull center section, or main hull, and the sponson inner walls and air traps, in which air flow is directed and compressed by the boat's forward motion, generating a high- pressure air cushion to partially support the weight of the boat; 2) a hull configuration that employs full-length sponsons, a catamaran-like shape.
a way of forwarding many channels of information through a single channel
the recessed channel that runs down the center of the ski base.
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The gap between the opposing front rows in a scrum or between the two lines of forwards in a lineout.
The tunnel is the space formed between the legs of the two opposing front rows of the scrum.
The hump in the floor pan that provides clearance for drive shaft.
The horizontal excavation. On the Nancy Creek Tunnel, the main tunnel extends 43,700 feet from the Johnson Ferry Road shaft to the RM Clayton shaft. Along the alignment, the depth of the tunnel ranges from 95 to 330 feet. Only about 800 feet of the 43,700-foot length will be excavated by drilling and blasting (400 foot long TBM starter tunnels at the RM Clayton and Roswell Road shafts). The remaining length will be excavated using TBMs.
A structure provided to allow a railway line (or road) to pass under higher ground, and which has been excavated without disturbing the surface of that ground
a tract or sinus extending into the underlying tissues from any point in the wound bed
a virtual point-to-point link enabling two systems to communicate with one another without danger of intrusion
NEW! Go through the agility course tunnel ... eventually she should run to whatever tunnel I'm pointing at, and run through it, even if I'm standing at a distance. (off-lead)
Tunnel is a simple game in which you control a capsule going down a tunnel, avoiding and shooting enemy balls and picking up power-ups in the way.
A simple game in which you control a ball going down a tunnel, avoiding other balls, firing, and picking pickups.
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a FIASCO waiting to happen
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natural sub-surface cavity, formed by runoff flowing downslope through subsoil after heavy rain.
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move through by or as by digging; "burrow through the forest"
a perfect place for an assassination, with fewer witnesses
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See snake in the tunnel.
a network layer connection between two nodes, used in the role of a data link layer connection between those nodes, possibly as part of a different network
an intermediary program which is acting as a blind relay between two connections
a technology that enables data formatted in one protocol to be transmitted within the format of another protocol via another network's connection. Tunneling allows other types of transmissions to be sent within a prevailing protocol.
a component that has an arbitrary number of input slots and a corresponding output slot for each input slot
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see greenhouse
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a safe and reliable solution
a timely solution
The compartment through which the web passes for drying or curing after printing or coating.
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Ventilation - Placement of large fans at end of building to draw air from one end to the other.
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an object that you get by moving a sphere along the line segment
A section of track completely covered and travelling beneath the ground.
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To catch in a tunnel net.
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force a way through
a networking term with an appropriate name