Definitions for "Data Link Control"
Keywords:  dlc, orderly, osi, token, dlci
The rules or procedure for reliable data transfer between two communicating DTE's A DLC makes specifications for Session Establishment, data Transfer, & error detection/recovery.
1) Procedures to ensure that both the sending and receiving devices agree on synchronization, error detection and recovery methods, and initialization and operation methods for point-to-point or multipoint configurations. 2) The second layer in the ISO Reference Model for Open Systems Interconnection.
A set of rules used by nodes on a data link (such as an SDLC link or a token ring) to accomplish an orderly exchange of information.
A protocol used primarily for IBM mainframe computers and printer connectivity.
A protocol interface device driver in Windows NT, traditionally used to provide connectivity to IBM mainframes and also used to provide connectivity to local area network printers directly attached to the network.