Definitions for "Gateway"
A passage through a fence or wall; a gate; also, a frame, arch, etc., in which a gate in hung, or a structure at an entrance or gate designed for ornament or defense.
A network station that is used to interconnect two or more dissimilar networks or devices. It may perform protocol conversation. In strictly videoconferencing terms, it provides two way communication between H.323 and H.320 endpoints.
The technical meaning is a hardware or software set-up that translates between two dissimilar protocols, for example a router is a gateway that translates/bridges between its internal network, and the Internet.
A major airport, seaport, rail or bus center through which tourists and travelers enter from outside the region.
the point of access to a country or region, usually an airport or seaport, although certain frontier points and railway stations can be given the designation
A major airport or seaport; or the port where customs clearance takes place; or a point at which freight moving from one territory to another is interchanged between transportation lines.
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Gateway (Frederik Pohl's Gateway, 1992) and Gateway 2 (Gateway 2: Homeworld, 1993), are interactive fiction games released by Legend Entertainment, and written by Glen Dahlgren and Mike Verdu. They are based on Frederik Pohl's novels, but deviate significantly while still being similar enough to make both the games and the books severe spoilers for each other.
Gateway is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe, an Australian mutant with the ability to teleport objects and people from one location to another. He is considered an unofficial member of the X-Men.
Gateway is a 1977 science fiction novel by Frederik Pohl. Gateway won the 1978 Hugo Award for Best Novel, the 1977 Nebula Award for Best Novel and the 1978 John W. Campbell Award.
A computer-based application that takes the transactions from online merchant storefronts and then routes them to a financial institution's processing system.
A business or software that enables e-commerce systems to communicate with a merchant's Merchant Account Provider to enable online credit card processing.
A payment gateway is a system that enables payments over the Internet. When a customer orders something from a merchant, the merchant has the order information, the customer has the payment information, and each of them have their own accounts with banking institutions. The gateway collects all the information and sends it to the right places to enable the payment to go from the customer's credit card of bank account to the merchant's account. You can think of a payment gateway as a messenger that sends information between the consumer, the merchant, the acquirer (e.g., the merchant's bank), and the consumer's bank (i.e., for credit card payments, the card-issuing bank).
From Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1 ( 1999-06-15) A server which acts as an intermediary for some other server. Unlike a proxy, a gateway receives requests as if it were the origin server for the requested resource; the requesting client may not be aware that it is communicating with a gateway.
From Web Characterization Terminology & Definitions Sheet ( 1999-05-24) A gateway is an intermediary which acts as a server on behalf of some other server with the purpose of supplying resources or resource manifestations from that other server. Clients using a gateway know the gateway is present but does not know that it is an intermediary.
A gateway is an intermediary which acts as a server on behalf of some other server with the purpose of supplying resources or resource manifestations from that other server. Clients using a gateway know the gateway is present but do not know that it is an intermediary. This term was taken verbatim from Web Characterization Terminology & Definitions Sheet.
Industry-related: A point at which freight moving from one territory to another is interchanged between transportation lines.
1. A point at which transported goods are interchanged between carriers or different modes of transport. 2. A means of access (mainly in computer systems), an entry.
A point at which cargo is interchanged between carriers or modes of transport. A means of access, an entry.
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This is either a computer which routes packets of data, or a piece of software that allows easier access to other information.
In the wireless world, a gateway is an access point with additional software capabilities such as providing NAT and DHCP. Gateways may also provide VPN support, roaming, firewalls, various levels of security, etc. close
An AP with NAT routing and an integrated DHCP server
See IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console gateway and Tivoli Management Framework gateway.
Software that provides services between the endpoints and the rest of the Tivoli environment.
Gateway is the third full-length album by stoner metal band Bongzilla. It was released in September 2002 by Relapse Records. The title of the album is a reference to the term "gateway drug", used to describe a lower-class drug that can lead to the use of more dangerous drugs.
Theory suggesting a sequential pattern in involvement in drug use from nicotine to alcohol, to cannabis and then “hard” drugs. The theory rests on a statistical association between the use of hard drugs and the fact that these users have generally used cannabis as their first illicit drug. This theory has not been validated by empirical research and is considered outdated.
Another name for DRA's text version of the public catalog, INFORMATION GATEWAY. Dallas Public Library's term for the program is STAR GATEWAY.
In land-use planning, an architectural feature or landscaping that signifies a transittion between one space and another.
Delivers messages from Exchange to foreign systems.
A device that allows consumer products to interface with the communication system in vehicles, while protecting the vehicle's system from defective devices or inappropriate messages.  Geographic data format (GDF) A transfer file specification for digital roadway and topological map databases. The format includes specifications for database encoding.
Gateways deliver messages from Microsoft Exchange Server to foreign systems. For example, the Internet Mail connector is a type of gateway.
The last city within a country that a shipment departs when going to an international destination. For example, a shipment that travels from Denver, Colorado to Chicago, Illinois to Paris, France would list Chicago, Illinois as the "Gateway". Back to the top
An interface to a financial institution that allows the processing of credit card transactions.
See Common Gateway Interface.
The OpenSTA Gateway interfaces directly with the Script Modeler Module and enables you to create Scripts. The Gateway functions as a proxy server which intercepts and records the HTTP/S traffic that passes between browser and Web site during a Web session, using SCL scripting language.
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See GW. Also see MGC.
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An entrance in a wall or fence that is fitted with a gate.
A city that serves as an arrival or departure point.
See Consolidation Point
See Internet Gateway
The part of a D-STAR repeater that connects the controller to other gateways via the Internet.
The server which allows clients to access the resources which are connected to it, but not to them. All ISPs are gateways to the Internet.
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Glocalization Gross domestic product, real (or real GDP)
An element that either transmits or receives image data to or from the Datacube pipeline typically to or from a memory element.
In order to perform some major function, like control a manager or modify the parameters in a manager, a user must first be in the Gateway security database. The database will eventually be under the control of the telescope operator who will assign access privileges for a user for a particular device. The operators and at most one other user are allowed privileges for a device.
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Meta Engine World Wide Web
Just as a customer must walk through a door or gate to enter a business establishment, so must customers enter electronic "gateways" before they can do business electronically.
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Hosting Provider
A host system that provides access between or among systems.
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A port of entry into a country or region.
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See wireless gateway.
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see Subject gateway
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See payment gateway.