Definitions for "Payment Gateway"
A payment gateway is a service that connects your online store with your merchant account provider. This service reads the information from the order forms and translates that information for the merchant account. The payment gateway also verifies that the customer's credit card account has the necessary credit available for the purchase.
A party which provides an interface between Merchant POS systems, Acquirer payment systems, and Issuer payment systems.
a service that provides connectivity among merchants, customers and financial networks to process and authorize payments
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a secure channel between ASCIL and HDFC Bank Ltd
a secure channel between Navia Markets Ltd
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a special kind of internet software that funnels payments through Visa, Mastercard, Amex and the rest
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an intermediary between
a distinct service that also mimics as a liaison
a provider of such services
Located on the Upgrade Account page, this is compared to your payout request to verify ownership of account.
a method of accepting payment over the internet
a system that enables payments over the Internet
Network processing interface.