Definitions for "Retrieval"
The act of recalling or remembering the stored information in order to use it. go to glossary index
the recovery of information from memory. (273)
The surgical procedure of taking an organ from a donor. Also referred to as procurement and recovery.
a request made by the bank processor to receive a copy of the original sales draft involved in a dispute
a request made by the credit card bank to receive a copy of the original
a request to the merchant through the acquirer to provide the sales slip
Transvaginal aspiration of the (oocyte) egg from each follicle, performed under ultrasound guidance
The search for, and presentation of, archival material in response to a specific user request. The search for, and presentation of, a semi-active file in response to a specific user/department request.
Locating and withdrawing archival materials from storage.
The act of finding a document in a document management or portal solution, equivalent to running a specific criteria search to locate the information required.
The act retrieving.
The act of locating a specified piece of data, usually used in respect to accessing information in databases.
the act of regaining or saving something lost (or in danger of becoming lost)
The process of transferring all those messages in the retransmission buffer of a signalling link (A), which have not yet been positively acknowledged, to the transmission buffers of alternative signalling links.
Keywords:  cabins, exit, entry, storage, returning
the taking the product out of the storage system and returning it to the entry/exit cabins
Selection or reference of specific spatial data without modifying the geographic location and spatial features stored in the database. (see Query)
Procedure for searching for and extracting database records or content
The capability of referring to permanent terms other than by identifiers or path references.