Definitions for "Data structure"
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(programming) The memory storage area that holds data types, such as integers and strings, or an array of integers. The data structures associated with drivers are used as buffers for holding data being moved between user data space and the device, as flags for indicating error device status, as pointers to link buffers together, and so on.
a collection of values. Different kinds of data structures are organized and accessed in different ways. Icon structures are records, lists, sets, and tables.
an arrangement of slots which can be filled with information
The way in which sets of data are organized in a particular system.
An organized collection of data, such as a list, tree, or array.
The organization of data in a commonly accessible form. Often includes multiple data types and arrays.
Logical organization of data (elements, fields). Also known as data schema.
A group of elements given one name and hold more that one value. The elements could be of the same or of different types.
(IEEE) A physical or logical relationship among data elements, designed to support specific data manipulation functions.
a named, abstract definition of a group of data elements
an implementation of an ADT in a high-level language, that is, a combination of variables in some manner
a particular implementation of an abstract data type, and may serve a more specific purpose than the general abstract data type
a represenation (one of many possibilities) and the operations allowed on that data
A computer interpretable format used for storing, accessing, transferring and archiving data.
An organizational scheme, such as a record or an array, applied to data so that it can be interpreted and so that specific operations can be performed on that data.
a collection of data records along with a mechanism for insertion, retrieval, and deletion of records
a mechanism that the language uses to keep some information together
a specific chunk of information that can be represented in a field and possesses attributes
A specific data object used as an object of computation.
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drill down
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The hierarchy of data types in a program.
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The relationships among files in a database and among data items within each file
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a container for data