Definitions for "Linkages"
System of links or levers joined together to transmit motion or force.
Relationships requiring the movement of goods or people from one location to another.
(n) Rigid bodies (parts) that transmit linear or rotational force. Linkages are multiple links that are combined through joints. Constraints applied to the joints define the movement of the individual links. Common types of linkages include rocker arm, crank, lever, and four-bar.
Systems of networked links and collaboration between firms in key sectors between Irish and foreign companies, and between enterprise and academia.
Linkages provides four levels of services ranging from in-depth information assistance to case management. Linkages serves elderly as well as younger functionally impaired adults at risk of institutionalized.
Features that promote the interconnectedness of neighborhoods, commercial and office areas, open space resources and public places, and provide convenient access between these different uses.
The mechanical component arms that make up a toggle clamp.