Definitions for "Mechanical"
Camera-ready copy (usually for a cover or dust jacket) showing exact placement of every element, and carrying actual or simulated type and artwork. to top
In traditional publishing, one or more artboards with type galleys, line art, "for-position-only" photostats, and tissue overlays to indicate color. In electronic publishing, the final camera-ready page with position-only stats keyed to flat art to be stripped in by the printer.
See paste-up.
Of or pertaining to a machine or to machinery or tools; made or formed by a machine or with tools; as, mechanical precision; mechanical products.
Done as if by a machine; uninfluenced by will or emotion; proceeding automatically, or by habit, without special intention or reflection; as, mechanical singing; mechanical verses; mechanical service.
using (or as if using) mechanisms or tools or devices; "a mechanical process"; "his smile was very mechanical"; "a mechanical toy"
A Mechanical is any one of six characters in A Midsummer Night's Dream who perform the play within the play, Pyramus and Thisbe. Essentially, they are a group of amateur (mostly incompetent) actors from around Athens, looking to make names for themselves by being chosen out of several other plays to entertain the royal wedding party of Theseus and Hippolyta. Of these characters, Bottom is by far the most famous and a favourite for actors; he falls into a bizarre love interest with the Queen of the Fairies, Titania (who is under the influence of a love-potion), after being transformed into a half-man, half-donkey by the spirit Puck.
paper made from mechanically treated woodpulp which has a limited life and tends to discolour with time; originally used only for paperbacks and other titles of ephemeral value but nowadays mechanical pulp is used in variable proportions in the furnish of many book papers. More explicitly called 'groundwood' in the US.
Ventilation - The use of fans, either electric or pneumatic, to ventilate houses.
ventilation - Mechanical ventilation is used to support or replace the function of the lungs. A machine called a ventilator (or respirator) forces air into the lungs. The ventilator is attached to a tube inserted in the nose or mouth and down into the windpipe (or trachea). Mechanical ventilation often is used to assist a person through a short-term problem or for prolonged periods in which irreversible respiratory failure exists due to injuries to the upper spinal cord or a progressive neurological disease.
Describes a movement with a balance wheel.
A mechanical watch is powered by a mainspring in a housing called a barrel. The mainspring when wound by hand, unwinds very slowly, transmitting power to a system of interconnected gearwheels called the gear train. This in turn is connected to the escapement mechanism consisting of a wheel and a pallet fork which transmits impulses to the balance wheel, making it oscillate. This is the element which makes the characteristic ticking noise. There is a further train which moves the hands of the watch.
Postcards that have moving parts. It may be simple as a die cut top revealing a different idea of the previous image when opened. It could be as complicated as pulling a tab for a curtain to move and totally change pictures. Some mechanicals have wheels that change the faces on a body or dates on a calendar.
referring to physical events or processes, i.e. hydrocephalus has a mechanical influence on the brain by compressing and stretching tissue.
Man-made or artificial...a term which defines a replacement valve made solely (or mostly) from man-made materials. An older term (which is now colloquial) is "metal" valve. However, the current mechanical heart valves on the market are not made from metal. Instead they are made from a compressed carbon material which is hard enough and yet free of significant friction to provide long term durability at the same time providing relative freedom from wear, breakage or excessive clotting. Mechanical valves are fabricated while the tissue valves are procurred (from animal sources).
Incision or excision of tissues.
filtration These filters mechanically remove particles from the water. Examples are under gravel filters, canister filters, and wet/dry prefilters.
An item usually made of brass that moves by means of a spring. The term is loosely applied to any item that has moving parts.
pinback with moveable parts, often spring-loaded; popular around 1900
Pertaining to, governed by, or in accordance with, mechanics, or the laws of motion; pertaining to the quantitative relations of force and matter on a macroscopic scale, as distinguished from mental, vital, chemical, electrical, electronic, atomic etc.; as, mechanical principles; a mechanical theory;
lacking thought or feeling
An adjective describing behavior or thoughts which go on without conscious awareness.
An informal term encompassing all kinds of mechanical problems that can affect the bike.
Slang for a mechanical problem with the bicycle.
A discipline related to hardware as opposed to electronic skills.
A soluble colorant; as opposed to pigment, which is insoluble.
Refers to typical back pain caused by use or injury, as opposed to that caused by an underlying condition.
relating to or governed by or in accordance with mechanics; "a belief that the universe is a mechanical contrivance"; "the mechanical pressure of a strong wind"
A type of flocking system that uses mechanical (air, vibration, or gravity) means of applying flock to the substrate. Also refers to the type of finish applied to the fiber used in this application.
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a City of Chicago licensed, insured, EPA certified company
Obtained by trial, by measurements, etc.; approximate; empirical. See the 2d Note under Geometric.
using only the interactions of solid parts against each other; as mechanical brakes, in contrast to hydraulic brakes.
Made and operated by interaction of forces without a directing intelligence; as, a mechanical universe.
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mixture a mixture in which the different parts can be seen
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See Flat.
A mechanic.