Definitions for "Wind"
Air naturally in motion with any degree of velocity; a current of air.
Air artificially put in motion by any force or action; as, the wind of a cannon ball; the wind of a bellows.
Air or gas generated in the stomach or bowels; flatulence; as, to be troubled with wind.
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To turn completely, or with repeated turns; especially, to turn about something fixed; to cause to form convolutions about anything; to coil; to twine; to twist; to wreathe; as, to wind thread on a spool or into a ball.
To have complete control over; to turn and bend at one's pleasure; to vary or alter or will; to regulate; to govern.
To cover or surround with something coiled about; as, to wind a rope with twine.
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The High Antarctic Plateau has the cold as its touristic specialty while wind is the bane of the coast (see katabatic).
causes the sudden movement of a condition. Examples are a rash that is spreading, onset of colds, fever, chills, vertigo, spasms or twitches
Wind Chill
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To have a circular course or direction; to crook; to bend; to meander; as, to wind in and out among trees.
A climatic cause of disease which can manifest as rapidly changing symptoms, symptoms which move around, symptoms which affect the top part of the body and ones which affect the Lung first. Other manifestations can be itching, tremors, convulsions and/or numbness.
to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course; "the river winds through the hills"; "the path meanders through the vineyards"; "sometimes, the gout wanders through the entire body"
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It is a twisting warp from cutting slabs in the gangsaws.
(Wined) - A twisting warp from cutting slabs in the gang saws.
the act of winding or twisting; "he put the key in the old clock and gave it a good wind"
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symbol of illusionary ideas. As the wind never can be chased or captured (even if it is captured, it will not be wind any longer), so the illusions of being attracted to this external world ( Maya) also cannot be chased or captured. Even when an unnecessary desire (illusion) is fulfilled (captured), a new desire will replace it and the process is insatiable. That is why in the Bible, "wind" is used as the one that stirs the sea ( unit consciousness) or the great sea ( collective consciousness). The winds that stir up the consciousness are attraction to the external world, unnecessary desires, when desires are fulfilled, they bring attachment to the external world, and the result of all of them is the greed. These are the illusions (winds) of the world that bring confusion and tribulation ("restless sea" or "great sea") to man.
an invisible power, and so is the holy spirit an invisible power
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Breath modulated by the respiratory and vocal organs, or by an instrument.
Power of respiration; breath.
Mere breath or talk; empty effort; idle words.
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The dotterel.
Wind is a film released in 1992. The movie was directed by Carroll Ballard and starred Matthew Modine, Jennifer Grey, and Cliff Robertson.
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A direction from which the wind may blow; a point of the compass; especially, one of the cardinal points, which are often called the four winds.
The region of the pit of the stomach, where a blow may paralyze the diaphragm and cause temporary loss of breath or other injury; the mark.
To blow; to sound by blowing; esp., to sound with prolonged and mutually involved notes.
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"WIND" is a JPop song by Japanese singer Kumi Koda. The song appears on Koda's 6th album BEST ~second session~, and it is also the 11th single in the so-called ~12 Single~ Collection. As with the other 11 singles in this collection, the cover of the single represents a stylized version of a traditional dress from a culture; this time it draws its inspiration from Italy.
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To entwist; to infold; to encircle.
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Father Wind is one of the two deities who founded the world and created Zui-Kashra-Zha. Father to the First Mother of the Kashra, he is husband to the Rain.
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To introduce by insinuation; to insinuate.
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To expose to the wind; to winnow; to ventilate.
Wind or Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA was established in 1997 and is an Italian telecom operator which offers integrated fixed, mobile and Internet services.
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Mean, Average or Sustained: Taken as the 10-min mean wind, except in the USA and North Atlantic, where 1-min means are used; conversion factor from 1:10-min mean is 0.871; Section 1.3.3; Maximum Sustained: Highest mean wind in the tropical cyclone; Gust: The highest wind burst, generally taken as the 1 s value.
a reflex that expels intestinal gas through the anus
abdominal gas; belching
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raise or haul up with or as if with mechanical help; "hoist the bicycle onto the roof of the car"
Wind is the name of a German musical group that mostly plays schlager music. The band is still active, more than 20 years after its foundation.
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an indication of potential opportunity; "he got a tip on the stock market"; "a good lead for a job"
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Wind element, represented by the symbol .
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potentiality (higher)
The wind can be a great resource for electricity generation.