Definitions for "Thunderstorm"
A storm accompanied with lightning and thunder.
A cumulonimbus cloud that is accompanied by lightning and thunder, or for automated systems, a storm detected by lightning detection systems.
(cumulonimbus) - the towering cumulus cloud has continued to grow in height and width and now lightning is occurring. The storm may extend 5 to 10 miles high into the atmosphere and 5 to 25 miles across. Heavy rain and gusty winds often accompany the storms.
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Thunderstorm is the debut album by the speed metal band Iron Fire. The album was produced and mixed by Tommy Hansen and released in March 2000.
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a sequence of thunderclouds
a consequence of atmospheric instability and constitutes, loosely, an overturning of air layers in order to achieve a more stable density stratification
a form of severe weather Severe weather phenomena are weather conditions that are hazardous
a weather phenomenon whose passage creates extremely serious hazards to flying
a major event and the frequency of their occurrence is unpredictable
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an example of positive feedback
a good example of the environment in a state of continual energy flux