Definitions for "Hurricanes"
Keywords:  cyclones, mph, calm, atlantic, storm
Severe tropical cyclones with winds of force l2 or more on the Beaufort scale (above 63 knots). The entire Caribbean area, the Gulf of Mexico, the coastal regions bordering these bodies of water, and the North Atlantic coast are in danger of disturbances during the hurricane season, which generally begins in June and closes in November. The months of greatest frequency and of likely severity are August, September, and October.
Severe tropical cyclones having winds in excess of 64 knots (74 mi/hr).
Large cyclonic oceanic storms with heavy rain and winds exceeding 119 km/hr (74 mph).
The Hurricanes (formerly known as the Wellington Hurricanes) are a New Zealand Rugby Union team based in Wellington, New Zealand that competes in the Super 14 (formerly the Super 12). The franchise represents the East Coast, Poverty Bay, Hawke's Bay, Taranaki, Wanganui, Manawatu, Wairarapa-Bush, Horowhenua-Kapiti and Wellington provincial rugby unions. Their main home ground is Westpac Stadium.
The Hurricanes animated series was produced by DIC and distributed by BKN for syndication, 65 episodes were animated, and the series first aired in 1993. The series focused on a fictional soccer team headed by the female inheritor of the teams' legacy, Amanda Carey (who,in one episode is revealed to be the youngest soccer team owner in the World Soccer League), and their coach, Jock Stone, whose character was notibly based on Celtic F.C. manager Jock Stein. During the series, they would either be battling a renegade soccer league, The Gorgons managed by Stavros Garkos (whose colors are similar to the Wolverhampton Wanderers and Houston Dynamo), for pitch supremacy or having wild, unpredictable adventures off the field in exotic world touring locations.