Definitions for "Landfall"
The coastline location where a tropical storm or hurricane moves from ocean onto land.
The intersection of the surface center of a tropical cyclone with a coastline. Because the strongest winds in a tropical cyclone are not located precisely at the center, it is possible for a cyclone's strongest winds to be experienced over land even if landfall does not occur. Similarly, it is possible for a tropical cyclone to make landfall and have its strongest winds remain over the water. Compare direct hit , indirect hit , and strike .
Landfall is when a hurricane first goes over land.
Landfall is New Zealand's oldest and most prestigious literary journal. First published in 1947, it features new fiction and poetry, biographical and critical essays, cultural commentary, and reviews of books, art, film, drama and dance.
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the discovery of the land.
A sudden transference of property in land by the death of its owner.