Definitions for "property"
That which is legally owned by an individual or entity.
Any material thing, having no particular value, that may be held by A against the cupidity of B. Whatever gratifies the passion for possession in one and disappoints it in all others. The object of man's brief rapacity and long indifference.
The exclusive right of possessing, enjoying, and disposing of a thing; ownership; title.
That which is proper to anything; a peculiar quality of a thing; that which is inherent in a subject, or naturally essential to it; an attribute; as, sweetness is a property of sugar.
Essential or distinctive attribute or quality.
A property is one of the aspects of an object or location that can be defined at start-up.
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A hotel, motel, inn, lodge or other accommodation facility.
Lodging establishment such as a hotel, motel, inn, resort, conference center, or meeting facility.
In the hospitality industry, any lodging facility, such as a hotel or motel.
a conceptual element of a category that serves to define or elaborate the meaning of the category
a named, typed data element which is defined within a WSDL document, and whose value is extracted from an instance of a WSDL message by applying a message-specific XPath expression
an identifier, as defined earlier
an individual setting for a control, such as SamplingRate for a data acquisition (DAQ) control
a piece of the bean's internal state that can be programmatically set and/or queried, usually through a standard pair of get and set accessor methods
A data member accessed by means of an accessor. For more information, see Properties.
All the adjuncts of a play except the scenery and the dresses of the actors; stage requisites.
Any item or article used by the actors in performance other than costume and scenery.
A PeopleSoft chartfield that tracks financial activity by building, campus, campus sector, or off-site location
The building or buildings and grounds that house the residents, and common areas shared by the residents. Properties included in NIC MAP are those that have at least 25 units (apartments in independent living or operational beds in assisted living, dementia care or nursing care). Properties that only offer subsidized housing are not included in the NIC MAP census.
The Property Committee oversees the care, maintenance and improvement of the buildings and grounds and the adjacent rental properties. Members:!-- mailtag("shambora","","Christine Shambora"); -- (co-chair), !-- mailtag("kbarich","","Karan Barich"); -- (co-chair), Dick Grote, Beverly Grove, Mary Ann Harris, John Peery, Joyce Rice
Windows may have associated ``properties'', consisting of a name, a type, a data format, and some data. The protocol places no interpretation on properties. They are intended as a general-purpose naming mechanism for clients. For example, clients might share information such as resize hints, program names, and icon formats with a window manager via properties.
a collection of named, typed data
a combination of a name and a value
an individual data item
a noun that exists as a smaller part of the item before the dot
Any intellectual property in any form (including a play or screenplay) that might form the basis of a movie. In theater, usually called a "prop," an item (e.g. a gun, spoon, hairbrush, etc.) that can held by one of the characters.
An acquired or artificial quality; that which is given by art, or bestowed by man; as, the poem has the properties which constitute excellence.
To invest which properties, or qualities.
an quality or feature of an entity. In the sentence "The house is green" the house has the property of being green.
Bricks and mortar have long been seen as the most sensible of investments ('as safe as houses'), but difficult years for house prices, particularly in the UK, have taken the shine off property investments. For most people, buying their home is by far the largest investment they will ever make. As they sell one house and buy another, bigger one they gradually increase the value of their estate, or at least that is the theory. Income can also be generated from the renting out of property.
a fantastic investment opportunity
a less liquid asset than many other investments - and good planning should avoid you being disappointed when the time comes to live on the equity released by the properties
Literary material--whether treatment, script, book, or article--that forms the basis for a film project.
a script, book, or other literary material.
an accident that it inheres in a subject because of what the subject is, its nature
a public nuisance if it is violation drug, liquor, public health, safety or welfare laws
In Conflict of Laws, the subject of Property Law follows the terminology of the civil law systems out of Comity.
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Propriety; correctness.
a combination of a model's variables connected to a proof operator, and can be verified by launching the model checker
a combination of model's variables (e
an implementation independent variable - a customisation for an individual component instance
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ASL Browser
a causal base for a disposition if instantiating it in conjunction with the precipitating conditions for the disposition would cause a manifestation of the disposition
Something which describes matter. A trait of matter. Examples: color, density, shape, texture, etc.
A material trait expressed in terms of the measured response to a specific imposed stimulus.
In addition to residential property, this asset class includes industrial, commercial, retail and rural property. The investment can be made directly or through a managed fund. Property is usually viewed as a longer term growth investment.
a get/set method that masquerades as an ordinary instance or static public field to the clients of the class
a piece of data contained within a class that has an exposed interface for reading/writing
any area set aside for a particular purpose; "who owns this place?"; "the president was concerned about the property across from the White House"
To dream that you own vast property, denotes that you will be successful in affairs, and gain friendships. See Wealth.
a descriptive fact about a control, such as the control's size or color
an abstract description of a desired design behavior
Gives a full description of the property being leased. This description should include the suite number, street address, city, state, and zip code. It should also include the number of square feet in the space and the means by which the square footage is measured.
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see Sponsorship Property.
a growing field and discovering more about it can prove to be very edifying
an important part of your heritage, which means that when buying or selling it, important precautions need to be taken
a intriguing business and studying more about it can be extremely fulfilling
In the entertainment industry, scripts or books that have production potential.
a wonderful industry and learning more about it can be very fruitful
An 11 digit number used by the assessor to identify units of property. The 11 digit number represents a code that is shorthand for the physical location of the property. See the county assessor's web site for an explanation of this code.
any aspect of a film which has the potential of making money.
One aspect of the presentation of an element that can be altered or affected. For example, color, background, font-weight, text-decoration, and position are all properties. A property is associated with a value to form a declaration.
a special aspect of an entity
a component if it can be cleanly encapsulated in a procedure, a method etc
The act or actuality perfecting and determining an essence in such a manner that the entity it gives to the being flows necessarily from its nature, without being strictly essential.
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an imperfect market
A predicate specifying a particular service and therefore distinguishing the service from other type compatible service offers. source: EU-P103 domain: General usage: EU-P103
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a data element of the component that helps control its behavior
a lee valley tool piece of information about an element,
a piece of information that characterizes a control
a distinction that is general (several phenomena may be denoted by it, it represents a common feature), and temporary (it may appear or disappear, but normally it remains present during a finite time interval)
Data associated with a file, but not actually stored within the contents of a file. For example, a Microsoft Word document may possess an AUTHOR property, which gives information about the person who wrote the document. Properties are often accessible by the operating system directly and do not require the original application to read them. For example, in Windows 95 (or later) you can read the AUTHOR property on a Microsoft Word document without having to start Microsoft Word or even have it installed on your computer.
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an Australian teacher
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Feature of a material, such as how it looks (e.g., color), feels (e.g., solid or liquid), or behaves (e.g., bursts into flame when it touches water) (p.20).
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a 'place', accessible within a platform (it is thus 'content'), which is wholly controlled by its owner--who need not be the platform owner
Also known as assertion, commonly used in reference to static formal verification
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Religion · Reproduction
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In the event of my death, all my life insurance and property will go to my wife.
each separate property advertised or auctioned
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To make a property of; to appropriate.
management fees The fee paid by a landlord to an estate agent for their services.
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a person who wants to receive the mortgagee to be paid in which a mortgage
Informational properties (categorial, conditional, and procedural properties) and foundational properties.
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Property Appraisal
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a function that exposes data, but in a way that allows the component to add code
a configuration option that affects a game server in some way
a piece of information that describes something or gives you some type of detail
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