Definitions for "Data object"
a set of variables or values that are combined in one entity, much as an entry in a telephone book is actually composed of a name, address, and telephone number
(n.) a datum of intrinsic or derived type or an array of such data. It may be a literal constant named data object, a target of a pointer, or it may be a subobject.
A constant, variable, or part (subobject) of a constant or variable. Its type may be specified implicitly or explicitly.
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an AIML object if it is well-formed, as defined in the XML specification, and if it is valid according to the AIML specification--that is, if it conforms to the data model described in this document
an XML document if it is well-formed , as defined in this specification
A discrete item of logical or physical data, such as an entity, table, attribute, instance, row, or index.
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a sequence of read-only versions, collectively named by an active GUID, or AGUID
a sequence of read-only versions, consisting of read-only blocks, securely named by BGUIDs
an association, or collection, of one or more Data Elements
an element of a description of a biological system at a particular granularity and with respect to a particular ontology
(2K8J) Basic definition of the data element (2IY6)
an abstract element of a real device which is capable of providing (when read) or accepting (when written) or both, a typed data value
an abstraction on the database
an abstraction which encapsulates both the instructions AND the data
a memory location that contains data during the runtime of the program
a specific chunk of information that can be represented in a computer and possesses attributes
Anything that exists in storage and on which operations can be performed. Examples include files, programs, and arrays.