Definitions for "Instructions"
Directions given by the judge to the jury concerning the law of the case.
The explanation of constitutional rights given by a judge to a defendant.
Detailed directions or guidelines on a procedure.
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Instructions is the second solo album by Jermaine Dupri, released by So So Def in 2001.
To furnish with directions; to inform. Specific Precise and detailed directions that closely limit what can be done or how it can be done. General Directions that are merely outlined, hence do not closely limit what can be done or how it can be done.
Document which outlined the authority, rights and responsibilities of an officer of the Crown. Royal Instructions were issued to a governor, usually in conjunction with his commission. These were clarified and/or supplemented by Additional Instructions to the governor. Interpretation of the Instructions is frequently found in the despatches
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Riding tactics given by trainer and/or owner
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Orders to the hardware to do basic things like fetch, store, and add.
a manual usually accompanying a technical device and explaining how to install or operate it
Programs, commands, and user responses. 5.3
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See application software