Definitions for "Preliminary Examination"
When the court hears evidence to decide if there is enough cause to hold the accused for trial on a felony charge. Also called Preliminary Hearing.
The hearing available to a person charged with a felony to determine if there is enough evidence (probable cause) to hold him for trial.
A hearing before a district division judge following arraignment at which the judge must determine if a crime was committed and whether sufficient evidence had been presented that the defendant committed the crime. Preliminary exams are held in felony cases.
The initial study of an application by a patent office, which in Britain involves checking that the specification is properly set out, and preparing a search report.
The initial study of an application by an official in the patent office to check that the specification is properly arranged and for preparing search reports.
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See committal proceedings (q.v.).
an examination taken by graduate students to determine their fitness to continue
a form of assessment of competence or practical work