Definitions for "Graduate"
To mark with degrees; to divide into regular steps, grades, or intervals, as the scale of a thermometer, a scheme of punishment or rewards, etc.
To admit or elevate to a certain grade or degree; esp., in a college or university, to admit, at the close of the course, to an honorable standing defined by a diploma; as, he was graduated at Yale College.
To prepare gradually; to arrange, temper, or modify by degrees or to a certain degree; to determine the degrees of; as, to graduate the heat of an oven.
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to break maiden or win for the first time; to win at a higher level.
to break maiden; to describe a horse which has fulfilled one condition and moves on to a higher level
winning at a class and moving up.
A graduated cup, tube, flask, or cylinder; a glass measuring container used by apothecaries and chemists. See under Graduated.
a measuring instrument for measuring fluid volume; a glass container (cup or cylinder or flask) whose sides are marked with or divided into amounts
make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring; "calibrate an instrument"; "graduate a cylinder"
"Graduate" is a song by Third Eye Blind and written by Stephan Jenkins and Kevin Cadogan. The b-side "Horror Show" was written by Jenkins and Cadogan as well and later released on "How's It Going to Be" in 1998.
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Graduate was formed in 1979 in Bath. The name came from the fact that they used to open gigs with a cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson", which was featured in the movie The Graduate.
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a founder of TalkSurgery
An incubatee that has left the physical space of its incubator or no longer receives common services from its incubator.
year The year of training in accredited graduate medical education, which may or may not correspond with program year. For example, if a resident has completed training in Internal Medicine, and now is in the first year of a Nephrology programs, the resident would be in his/her 4th Graduate Year, and 1st Program Year.
d payment mortgage (GPM) A mortgage with an interest rate that starts out low and increases gradually according to a predetermined rate.
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To taper, as the tail of certain birds.
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a person who success in a chapter of his life
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Vessel used for measuring liquids.