Definitions for "Outsider"
a nonelemental creature originating from some other dimension, reality, or plane
a nonelemental creature that comes from another dimension, reality, or plane
In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, an outsider is a type of creature, or "creature type". Outsiders are at least partially composed of the essence (if not the material) of a plane other than the Prime Material Plane.
The opposite to favourite.
Not the favourite of the bookmakers or bettors.
he opposite of favourite.
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A horse which is not a favorite in the betting.
a constestant (human or animal) not considered to have a good chance to win
A horse with little chance of winning.
The Outsiders are an alien race in Larry Niven's Known Space series. They are many legged beings that are invariably described as a cat o'nine tails with a fattened handle. Their body composition includes ultra-cold superfluid helium.
a person who is not a member of a particular group....... back
someone who is not working for a particular firm, making it difficult for him or her to get a job with that firm even though he or she is willing to work for a lower wage.
someone who is excluded from or is not a member of a group
In transport: a shipping agent operating on a route which is normally served by a liner conference without being a member of that conference.
A carrier, which operates on a route served by a liner conference but which is not a member of that conference.
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See Underdog.
Another term for underdog.
A locksmith's pinchers for grasping the point of a key in the keyhole, to open a door from the outside when the key is inside.
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An unfancied runner.
a mere seeker who has no prior presuppositions about any faith or no faith at all
Outsider is a film produced in 1997 in Slovenia by director Andrej Košak.
The boomerang from a pair of Trick Catch/Doubling boomerangs that returns last
a second language learner for whom smooth perception is more important than perfect production, and who is more interested in communicative than in symbolic language use
One not belonging to the concern, institution, party, etc., spoken of; one disconnected in interest or feeling.
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Stop loss