Definitions for "Runner"
A slender trailing branch which takes root at the joints or end and there forms new plants, as in the strawberry and the common cinquefoil.
A horizontal aboveground stem; a stolon
A creeping stem which produces small plantlets along its length. Sometimes called a 'Stolen.' [ GO BACK TO TOP INDEX
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A horizontal channel in a mold, through which the metal flows to the cavity formed by the pattern; also, the waste metal left in such a channel.
A trough or channel for leading molten metal from a furnace to a ladle, mold, or pig bed.
The channel through which thermoplastic material moves through a mold.
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1) The "rocker" (blade) of a rocking chair. 2) A guide strip onto which a grooved drawer bottom fits.
The curved rocker of a rocking chair.
A rocking chairs curved rocker, the piece that allows the chair to rock. Find a rocking chair.
A rope rove through a block and used to increase the mechanical power of a tackle.
The movable piece to which the ribs of an umbrella are attached.
A movable slab or rubber used in grinding or polishing a surface of stone.
A casino employee who goes through the casino restaurants and seating areas collecting keno wagers, and paying winners. Almost always women.
a person who walks around the casino floor and restaurants and sells Keno tickets)
In Keno, a person who travels from your location to place your bet for you.
The checker(s) furthest away from your home board. Also, a checker on the bar or in the opponent's home board.
Carpetting that runs down the middle of the stairs. Runners may be directly stapled or nailed to the stairs, or may be secured by specialized bar that holds the carpet in place where the tread meets the riser.
The catching of cards that as a result of the catching makes a higher hand than any of your opponents. You “caught a runner”.
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a baseball player on the team at bat who is on base (or attempting to reach a base)
a player from the batting team who literally runs for an injured batsman
A player who is called upon by a batsman who might otherwise need to retire hurt. He is required to wear the same padding and stands at square leg or the non-striker's end to perform the duty of running between the wickets. Often the cause of endless confusion and inevitable run-outs
A messenger.
Messenger to and from mutuel windows for box seat holders.
Messenger bettor; also called "Beard"
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a hand made by getting the right cards on both the turn and the river.
Normally said, "runner-runner" to describe a hand in which the turn and the river card help a player's hand.
Typically said "runner-runner" to describe a hand that was made only by catching the correct cards on both the turn and the river. Example: "He made a runner-runner flush to beat my trips." See also "backdoor."
Generic term for a long narrow rug. In native cultures often used as a seating surface.
A long narrow rug, which usually has a width of up to three and a half feet.
Long, narrow rug used primarily for hallways and stairways. Most runners are between 2.5 to 3 feet wide and 6 to 20 feet long and in some cases even longer.
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The part of a micro hydro turbine that actually attaches to the alternator drive shaft. The 'buckets' on the runner are what the water pushes against to turn the runner and generate electricity. See also: Buckets, Francis Turbine, Impulse Turbine, Pelton Turbine, Reaction Turbine, Turgo Turbine
The rotating part of the turbine that converts the energy of falling water into mechanical energy.
The rotating part of a turbine.
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A loop of webbing used to extend protection. Or a term referrig to the protection itself: "I went a full forty feet before my first runner."
An item of protection through which the rope can run as the leader or second climbs
nother term for sling.
the part of the sponson bottom that serves as a planing surface, touching the water at the lowest point.
The planing surface on the bottom of a sponson.
In the fictional Stargate universe, a Runner is an individual rejected by the Wraith as food. Instead, they are released with a tracking device embedded in their vertebrae. The Wraith then hunt down the Runner.
The Runner is fictional character that appeared in publications from Marvel Comics. The character is one of the Elders of the Universe.
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a trained athlete who competes in foot races
a blur of motion racing through a wooded area prints available at Art
a blur of motion racing through a wooded ar
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One of the pieces on which a sled or sleigh slides; also the part or blade of a skate which slides on the ice.
device consisting of the parts on which something can slide along
The round beveled blades. A bobsled has four while skeleton and luge have two
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A smuggler.
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Any cursorial bird.
The bird which remains on the ground but moves in a hurried fashion away from the dog.
Runner were a short lived band, formed in 1978 out of a friendship between Steve Gould of the band Rare Bird and Alan Merrill of the band The Arrows.
A food fish (Elagatis pinnulatus) of Florida and the West Indies; -- called also skipjack, shoemaker, and yellowtail. The name alludes to its rapid successive leaps from the water.
fish of western Atlantic: Cape Cod to Brazil
someone who travels on foot by running
a man on foot who, at every risk, must bear the message entrusted to him to its destination over ground cross- harrowed by shellfire and, possibly, in the enemy's occupation
a person who uses speed increasing skills to allow them to quickly run past enemies and bring people to a town so that they can unlock the town for future travel
A small, deerlike herbivore common in forest and plains. It defends itself with its horns and a heavy jointed bone tail which can club a predator senseless with one blow (12 Hits of damage). SIZE: Medium STRUCTURE: Quadruped MA: 120 TEMPERAMENT:Neutral DEX: 80.
Term used for bearer.
A professional message bearer. A network of runners, consisting largely of former reckoners, formed out of the remains of the proxy circle. They continue to wear black, and are based in the Haunch holding.
(ledger or ribbon): The lengthwise horizontal spacing or bracing member which may support the bearers.
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A Barfine turned bad. “Runner” is commonly referred to as when your barfine accepts your offer to pay the EWR, and then sometime in the night leaves without any notice. Some people think that because a girl DID NOT stay all night as agreed upon (LT turned ST), she pulled a runner. THIS IS NOT THE CASE, and should be referred to as a Barfine gone badly. It is VERY rare to have this happen, and if your girl suddenly disappears or leaves you, you should go and see the bar management IMMEDIATELY so you can try and get your money back.
Also known as running backstay. Adjustable stay used to control tension on the mast.
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Someone who delivers messages, supplies or food between two points at a Gathering.
a human- occasionally in possession of a firelizard, though this is rare and would render their purpose obsolete, unless they wished to do so- who runs the wild roads of Pern, to deliver messages from Hold, cot, Hall or Weyr to Hold, cot, Hall or Weyr
A person other than the required number of operators on duty at central, supervising, or runner stations (or otherwise in contact with these stations) available for prompt dispatching, when necessary, to the protected premises.
a trained security guard that is dispatched to the premises in alarm, and will perform what's called a "perimeter check"
One employed to solicit patronage, as for a steamboat, hotel, shop, etc.
a person who is employed to deliver messages or documents; "he sent a runner over with the contract"
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a slightly posh term for whoever it is that gets the coffee and shines the director's shoes
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a euphemism for a driver, Foss explains
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One who, or that which, runs; a racer.
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Individual appointed to "run" messages between individuals at an event, here specifically between the list table and the fighting field.
A person whose job is to transfer messages between other people.
Does the odd jobs and is available to pass messages on to other crewmembers or to fetch items.
The rotating stone of a set of millstones.
A long face stone used in a wall head (Scotland).
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a person who just runs off without paying the fare, though, in this case, it was by subterfuge
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A character that is set up to run from point A to point B. In PvE these characters are usually doing this to help a friend or to charge other people for the run
The climber who wisely splits after seeing the route; an overhanging, flaring crack, the base of which is scattered with the bones of those who have gone before.
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Alternative name for a Quickdraw.
an auction assistant that gathers the items and / or brings them to the podium.
a collection of web site links that can be a tremedous resource for anyone
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a courier who is paid to carry some object from one place to another
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Locomotive engineer.
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A take out shot that travels very fast.
to take a shot while running
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A curve with a diameter is called a runner and can be used to model tubes (resin delivery) and easy flow paths. The flow in a runner is always assumed to be in the length direction.
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Metal or wood track or strips placed at floor and ceiling to receive framing members, such as metal or wood studs.
An offensive player who is advancing toward, touching or returning to any base.
The player who is in possession of the ball; the ball carrier.
Employee who remains within the office a portion of the time (i.e. outside sales, services, consultant).
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A detective.
someone who imports or exports without paying duties
a general assistant in the television and film industry
Someone who sells books to another dealer without maintaining specific stock, buying from one dealer to sell quickly to another
A long piece of fabric placed down the center of a table for decoration.
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One who places bets for another.
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" See "Back Man"