Definitions for "Backgame"
A game strategy where your opponent has a lead in the race, and you hold two or more points in his board. You try to make points in your board and hit him with your back checkers, so that he will eventually have to open checkers in his outer board.
a game in which a player controls at least two points in the opponent's inner board and hopes to use these points to hit the opponent when he or she tries to bear off
This is where you have 2 or more anchors in your opponent's home board. (It should be used when you are considerably behind since it will improve your chances of winning.) The higher the point (or lower, from your opponent's point of view), the better it is to anchor, either on adjacent points or with a single point in-between. That way, you are able to interfere and hit your opponent's checkers later in the game. The Backgame strategy is also known as anchoring.