Definitions for "Checkers"
A game, called also draughts, played on a checkerboard by two persons, each having twelve men (counters or checkers) which are moved diagonally. The game is ended when either of the players has lost all his men, or can not move them.
a checkerboard game for two players who each have 12 pieces; the object is to jump over and so capture the opponent's pieces
A game played on a checkerboard by two players, each with 12 pieces to move.
Checkers is a young adult novel by Australian author John Marsden. It was first published by Houghton Mifflin on 1996, and was republished in 1998 and again by Laurel Leaf in 2000. It is Marsden's twelfth book.
Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. is an American fast-food restaurant chain operating under the names Checkers and Rally's Hamburgers. In June of 2006, the Company went private through a merger with Taxi Holdings Corp., an affiliate of Wellspring Capital Management LLC, a private equity firm.
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