Definitions for "Playoffs"
Keywords:  mrps, nfl, tournament, bracket, winner
a cut above last season's, when the excessively physical style of play produced one of the dullest finals
an easy tracking system, but be careful--you can wipe out a team and their schedule by selecting an already assigned button
A series of matches, usually single elimination, used in sanctioned tournament events to determine a winner. MRPs and prize money are awarded on a graduated basis to players who compete in the playoffs
Keywords:  bibby, peja, stojackovic, brad, miller
a great time for you to research all of the games and lay a couple bucks on it
a possibility, unless Three Kings ( Mike Bibby, Peja Stojackovic, and Brad Miller ) can find their game
Keywords:  futility, exercise
an exercise in futility
an enduring test of both mental and physical toughness
Keywords:  career, high
a career high
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a trademark of Electronic Arts
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a much better choice
Keywords:  special, time
a special time