Definitions for "Tournament"
A mock fight, or warlike game, formerly in great favor, in which a number of combatants were engaged, as an exhibition of their address and bravery; hence, figuratively, a real battle.
Any contest of skill in which there are many contestents for championship; as, a chess tournament.
An NSA-sanctioned competition in which players compete in a preset number of games according to Official Tournament Rules. See Official Tournament Rules.
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a big event for many people, but fans' frequent score-checking could cause lost productivity for businesses
a cash cow for the NCAA, but there are too many teams, and fans have been slowly tuning out
a crapshoot for the NCAA Championship in Indianapolis
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a marathon, not a race
a marathon, not a sprint
A tournament is a digraph in which there is exactly one arc between any two vertices. A tournament is said to be transitive if whenever (a,b) and (b,c) are arcs of the tournament, then (a,c) is also an arc.
a digraph in which each pair of vertices is connected by exactly One arc
a four-team race
a fun and unpredictable ride, it really does no better than college football at determining who the best team in the country is
a lot like standing on the boards in front of his team's bench
Competición en la que para participar debe pagarse una Entrada o Buy-in. Todos los jugadores empiezan el Torneo con la misma cantidad de fichas y son eliminados cuando se quedan sin ninguna. Gana el jugador que consigue acumular todas las fichas. Se reparten premios entre los finalistas en relación a su clasificación final.
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a fickle beast
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a big accomplishment
a big bucks affair
a family affair for the Dixons
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a bona fide genius
a complete antisymmetric oriented graph
a complete directed g raph
A tournament is a directed graph obtained by choosing a direction for each edge in an undirected complete graph.
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a crap-shoot at best
a goal that everyone shoots for," Dons' coach Nino Giarratano said
a reasonable expectation, and that the Gamecocks are failing quite miserably to meet it, even if not quite so miserably as the Volunteers of the gridiron
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a great chance for me, I have been doing Jiu-Jitsu training, and my condition is excellent
a great idea--but has its up- and downsides
an awesome experience
an experience with all of the different things going on
an arena for knights to compete on horseback giving them valuable experience in pitched battle. (p. 315)
an embarrassment worthy of ultimatums from the Michigan power brokers
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a thrill ride
a little troubling, but Billy Donovan wants to move on
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a deathmatch mod already available
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an odd cocktail
a discrete session, even if it begins on Monday and ends on Friday
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a tough ticket
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a way of life, reality TV in shorts and sneakers
an ideal vehicle for testing the willingness of viewers to fire up their computers to watch programs once reserved for television
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a friendly test of skill, and there is no place within one for cheating
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a pretty enticing deal
a tradition which continues today and has grown considerably since its beginning
a week away and the draft landscape continues to change almost weekly
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a different story
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a very good way to get started
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an in-between case
a given, too