Definitions for "Gammon"
Keywords:  checkers, cube, twice, borne, opponent
a situation when one player bears off all his or her checkers before the opponent bears off any. This is scored as a double game; i.e., the winner gets twice the value of the doubling cube. go out win a game that yields enough points to win a match
a situation in which the losing player has not borne off any men by the time the winner has finished bearing off
At the end of a game, if one player has not been able to borne off any of his checkers by the time his opponent has borne off all of them, he has lost a gammon and loses twice the value of the game.
Keywords:  bacon, hog, smoke, thigh, flitch
The buttock or thigh of a hog, salted and smoked or dried; the lower end of a flitch.
To make bacon of; to salt and dry in smoke.
meat cut from the thigh of a hog (usually smoked)
An imposition or hoax; humbug.
To impose on; to hoax; to cajole.
Keywords:  backgammon
Keywords:  bowsprit, lashings, fasten, iron, stem
To fasten (a bowsprit) to the stem of a vessel by lashings of rope or chain, or by a band of iron.
Keywords:  pork, cured, hot, whole, served
Cured whole leg of pork, served hot.