Definitions for "stash "
supply of dope, usually hidden
A player's supply of unplayed pieces.
a hidden, secret, or private supply
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hide bags of unsplit nodules for later attention in better weather
to hide, also reserve stock of drugs
Stash is a package manager for non-root users. It makes it easier for you to install, track, and maintain packages and modules in your home directory. It does this by detecting the type of package or module you are installing and passing all the correct command line arguments to the relevant configure scripts and/or makefiles.
a hash table (associative array) that contains all of the different objects that are contained within a package
a hash that contains all variables that are defined within a package
Any tools, fibers, charts or equipment related to embroidery. From floss to frames, it's all stash.
The term "my stash" or "a stash" refers to a quilter's collection of fabrics. Quilters love to do "stash building" at every opportunity.
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save up as for future use