Definitions for "Camper"
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A person who stays at a summer camp or day camp.
A term that originated with online first-person shooters like Quake, it is used to describe a player who chooses an advantageous position and “camps” there. Interestingly enough, the term is derogatory, but the tactic is one of the most successful in the game if your enemy is dumb enough to keep coming after you the same way.
A type of players who stand in the way of your shot and illegally impede your stroke. A designation made famous by world renowned racquetball coach, Fran Davis.
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A vehicle, such as a small truck, or a pickup truck with a hood over the back, equipped for convenience while camping out.
Another term for an RV, especially smaller RV's that are towed behind or carried on top of light trucks. Truckers generally refer to all RV's as “campers” in their CB conversations.
a mobile camping unit which is fitted onto a pickup truck bed for transport from one location to another, and which generally remains on the pickup truck bed during a period of use
One who lodges temporarily in a hut or camp, especially who sleeps in a wilderness for recreation.
someone living temporarily in a tent or lodge for recreation
a recreational vehicle equipped for camping out while traveling
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a small space for a large active puppy
A term usually used for 'van conversions, either with a fixed roof, elevating roof or a High-top. Also one who camps
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Some who doesn't move in a game. A much debated style of game play.
Keywords:  idle, kills, hard, person, see
a person who kills while being idle and hard to see
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a great, inexpensive camping option
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a very personal item and those who have experience with them should already know that