Definitions for "Camping"
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A game of football.
Deliberately not moving around the map to find opponents, instead waiting (camping) in one spot for unfortunates to run by.
Waiting for a particular treasure or monster to re-spawn.
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Free camping is permitted at the picnic areas of Tablas and Fuente del Pino from November to May (not during summer and early autumn due to the risk of forest fires). You need to apply for permission in writing from the environment department in Granada: Consejería de Medio Ambiente, Calle Marqués 1, 958 026 000.
There is a municipal campsite in Castril village. Camping El Cortijillo is 12km north of Castril, within the park, at the source of the Castril river.
There are four areas where free camping (acampada libre) is permitted in the park: Llano de los Perejiles, Puente de la Cabrilla, Pasada de Algeciras and Fuente del Valle, where there is also a picnic area.
Living outdoors in a tent or trailer while on vacation or as a recreational activity.
the act of encamping and living in tents in a camp
Camping is an outdoor recreational activity, in which the campers get away from civilization and enjoy nature by spending one or more nights at a campsite. They may use a tent, a primitive structure, a travel trailer or recreational vehicle, or no shelter at all. Camping is often restricted by law to designated sites in order to prevent campers from damaging the environment.
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Camping Despeñaperros, on Calle Infanta Elena in Santa Elena, is a shady campsite with a pool.
Rhode Island has many camping areas in its beautiful woodlands just 35 minutes from Providence, Warwick and Cranston.
An excursion that enables nature-starved city-dwellers to commune with the wild and its inhabitants, particularly the mosquitoes.
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Jaundice Retraction
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Lodging in a camp.
This is the Spanish word for campsite - one day I will write about their (reciprocated) tendency to make a hash of adopting anglicisms. Campsites or campgrounds in Spain and Portugal are as good and bad as anywhere else.
Maintaining a continuous dialup connection even though no productive activity is occuring. Camping is done by people who think they are entitled to remain connected to the internet 24x7 because they have an "unlimited" account. Almost all ISPs will take action to cancel an account for camping, even if they say they won't.
Camping is the act of, once connected to some types of server, remaining connected (if not active) on that server. The purpose of this type of camping is usually malicious. For example, if a public FTP server allows only 5 users to be connected at any given time, a group of five people camping on this server denies access to all others attempting to download or upload from the server.
a character building, self-motivating, exciting adventure in a safe, fun and healthy environment
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Hybridization Pulse