Definitions for "Retraction"
Pertaining to desired posteriorly directed, orthodontic or orthopedic displacements of teeth or of bones of the face.
posterior movement of teeth
The backward movement of a body part such as the shoulder.
The act of withdrawing something advanced, stated, claimed, or done; declaration of change of opinion; recantation.
A statement that confesses to a mistake in an earlier statement.
When a bidder withdraws a bid prior to the auctioneer declaring the lot sold. A bidder’s retraction revives no previous bid.
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Scapular adduction.
an admission of a major journalism breakdown
an admission of error, generally combined with an apology
The act of retracting, or drawing back; the state of being retracted; as, the retraction of a cat's claws.
The state or condition of a part when drawn back, or towards the center of the body.
a disavowal or taking back of a previous assertion
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Process of skin pulling in toward breast tissue, often referred to as dimpling.
a sign of increased work of breathing, in which the skin above, below, between, or near the ribs appears to pull in when the patient inhales
the pulling aside of a structure during surgery to afford the surgeon a better view
The act of retracting or shortening; as, the retraction of a severed muscle; the retraction of a sinew.
pertains to the act of pushing aside certain structures such as the brain.
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a sunken appearance of the chest wall as the baby breathes. This means that the baby is working harder to breathe.
The entry of oral fluids and microorganisms into waterlines through negative water pressure.
a continuous map of a space onto a subspace leaving each point of the subspace fixed
a very serious event in the scientific literature
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The moving of tissue to expose a part or structure of the body.