Definitions for "RIBS"
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one of a series of long, curved bones that form a bony cage to protect the heart and lungs
cuts from the rib area along the back of the animal, usually includes portions of the backbone and rib bone.
Bones attached to the spine and central portion of the breastbone, which support the chest wall and protect the heart, lungs, and other organs in the chest.
Part of a tire tread pattern created by grooves that run circumferentially around the tire.
The rubber elements at the tire tread which contact the ground, oriented in a generally circumferential direction.
rubber sections of the tread that run around the circumference of the tire
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babybacks, pork spares, beef backs, country style
Ribs of beef and pork are a cut of meat. The term 'ribs' usually refers to the less meaty part of the chops, often cooked as a slab (not cut into separate ribs).
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Raised ridge in the finish caused by heavy brush marks which were not sanded or rubbed from underneath coats before finishing coats were applied.
Raised folds on the surface of a shell.
ridges that form the outside edges of certain cacti. Ribs are often expandable to accommodate the storage of water.
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A pattern which consists rounded convex ribs. Fine versions are sometimes mistakenly called reed.
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the sides of the instrument
the sides of a guitar.
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the narrow upper part of the sticks to which a leaf is attached. They are sometimes called slips.
thin bars of wood which support the wire cover of a mould, normally across the narrow way and in a laid mould support the chain lines.
are a metal or wooden tool used to facilitate wheel throwing of pottery forms.
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Vertical lines forming waves of glass around a piece. On a blown piece (often into a mold) the ribs show inside, while on a pressed piece they do not.
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Primary or prominent nerves or veins.
Ribs are features that usually run along the bottom of a part and serve to add strength while preserving consistant wall thickness.
Retirement Information Benefit System. This is a computer system where information on our benefit recipients is stored.
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See frame