Definitions for "Thickness"
The thickness of a sheet of paper or plastic measured in units of one thousandth of an inch; the measuring units are called mils or points.
This gives the maximum difference between the upper and lower airfoil surfaces divided by the chord length.
The thickness of a sheet of paper or plastic measured in units of 1/1,000 an inch; measuring units are called mils or points.
The difference in height between two atmospheric pressure levels. The thickness is directly related to the average temperature in the column of air between the pressure levels (thus, higher thicknesses typically mean warmer temperatures). The most common thickness used is for the 1000-500mb layer. Forecasters also look at other thickness layers such as 1000-850 mb layer (sometimes called low level thickness). Thicknesses are measure in decameters (1 decameter=10 meters).
The height difference between two atmospheric pressure levels and is related to the average temperature in the column.
The geopotential height difference at a given place between specified pressure levels. Thickness values relating to selected standard pressure levels are obtained from radiosonde observations and are plotted on geographical thickness charts. Contours are drawn at an appropriate thickness interval, joining places of equal thickness and are termed 'thickness lines'. Analysis of such charts is termed as 'thickness analysis' and has an important role in synoptic meteorology.
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Usually describing a girdle, and often expressed as a percentage of the height or depth of the diamond, often using relative terms such as "medium".
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The gauge or depth of a material.
The thickness of precast cladding panels is determined by the distance they span. Panel thicknesses are typically 150mm to 200mm.
the distance through the wafer between corresponding points on the front and back surface.
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The quality or state of being thick (in any of the senses of the adjective).
Describing viscosity, ranging from light, almost water to a heavy, juice consistency.
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resistance to flow
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used of a line or mark
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See Body, Strength.
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The thickness of a part.