Definitions for "Isobaric"
Denoting equal pressure; as, an isobaric line; specifically, of or pertaining to isobars.
Having constant pressure.
this is a way to conduct a process. Other ways are isothermal or adiabatic and so on. A process is said to be isobaric, if the pressure is held constant during the process
A subwoofer enclosure which features two drivers mounted face-to-face and wired out-of-phase. This allows the speaker enclosure to be about half the size and still produce the same bass extension.
The mounting of two speakers in a way that will couple their output. This can be done by mounting the drivers in a back-to-front, or front-to-front (clamshell) arrangement with the drivers mounted out of phase with each other. This method of box construction allows the use of a smaller than normal box.