Definitions for "Air Pressure"
Keywords:  exert, kilopascal, psi, kpa, barometric
Mechanics can adjust a car's handling by raising or lowering air pressure in the tires. Flex in the sidewall of a tire acts like another spring in the suspension. Increasing the air pressure makes the overall spring rate higher, while lowering the pressure will make it softer. This adjustment can be made much more quickly and easily than changing a spring on a shock.
The total weight of air above a specific point. The unit of measure is the millibar (mb) or hecto pascal (hp). Atmospheric (air) pressure is highest at the earth's surface. Air masses are never at exactly the same pressure. An area of low pressure is known as a depression. An area of high pressure is known as an anticyclone. Increasing air pressure usually indicates an improving weather situation with calm conditions likely.
Force exerted by air within tyre, expressed in bar. Note that pressure is not equivalent to force change
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