Definitions for "Chief"
Keywords:  shield, stripe, flag, blazon, gules
The upper third part of the field. It is supposed to be composed of the dexter, sinister, and middle chiefs.
The upper part of a FIELD; AN ORDINARY occupying the upper part ( approx. one third ) of a FIELD. ( See also IN CHIEF ).
n. a horizontal stripe covering the top edge of the shield (a chief gules). n. the upper portion of the shield (in chief, to chief).
Keywords:  clan, tribe, leader, kingroup, diadem
The head or leader of any body of men; a commander, as of an army; a head man, as of a tribe, clan, or family; a person in authority who directs the work of others; the principal actor or agent.
The free holder leader of a Town, Tribe, or Abbey. They are referred to as "Milord/lady Chief", and wear a single diadem upon their coronet.
a person who is in charge; "the head of the whole operation"
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The Chief was one of the named passenger trains of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. Its route ran from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California. The Chief was inaugurated as an all-Pullman limited train to supplement the road's California Limited, with an extra surcharge of USD $10.00 for an end-to-end fare.
Keywords:  caulder, doom, niles, fictional, patrol
The Chief (Dr. Niles Caulder) is a fictional character from DC Comics and starred in the Doom Patrol comic.
Highest in office or rank; principal; head.
The holder of real "power" on the ship below the rank of Lieutenant JG.
Web Officer
The principal part; the most valuable portion.
Principal or most eminent in any quality or action; most distinguished; having most influence; taking the lead; most important; as, the chief topic of conversation; the chief interest of man.
most important element; "the chief aim of living"; "the main doors were of solid glass"; "the principal rivers of America"; "the principal example"; "policemen were primary targets"
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a liberal Republican
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a fess situated in the
preferred salutation amongst a select band of luxers.
a vet in base-redevelopment game Budget Suites kills plans for building two S
Keywords:  foreman, workers, ask, exercises, want
a person who exercises control over workers; "if you want to leave early you have to ask the foreman"
the uppermost part of a heraldic field.
a group's stand point in the field
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Very intimate, near, or close.
Clearinghouse for Inventories and Emission Factors
The ICS title for individuals responsible for the command of functional Sections: Operations, Planning, Logistics, and Finance/Administration.
Keywords:  motivator, role, best, model, good
a good (if not the best) motivator and role model for all
a man who assumes responsibility
a man who takes responsibility
Keywords:  step, direction, first
a first step in that direction